A Lila Review: In the Middle of Somewhere by Roan Parrish


Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

In the Middle of Somewhere coverGrad student, Daniel Mulligan is the youngest of four brothers. They were raised by their father after their mother’s death. The oldest three followed their dad’s path, working with him in the family’s car repair shop. Daniel knew at an early age that he wanted to do something different in order to escape everyone’s shadow. He’s working on his dissertation by the time the story starts.

 After applying to multiple jobs across the country, including in his home state of Pennsylvania, he gets an interview in Holiday– a small college town in Michigan. After the interview, faith intervened and he meets Rex Vale. They have great chemistry from the moment they met and a second chance encounter gave them the opening to reconnect and explore a possible relationship.

Their time together allowed them to learn more about themselves and how they work together. We get to see how real life interferes with the relationship they are trying to build and how events out of their control morphed their perceptions of what they had achieved until that point.

Even so, we get a strong HFN that can be considered the start of a HEA.

 In the Middle of Somewhere is a book that showed on my friends’ newsfeeds almost every day when it was first published. Most reviews were grouped into two camps, like it or hate it. I’m in the middle, no pun intended. It was a hard book to read and rate. I didn’t no connect with Daniel or Rex until the seventy percent mark. If I had to rate the book up to that point, I’d had given it two stars– a DNF was a very real possibility early on. For me, the last part of the book redeemed the characters and their love story. Perhaps, a solid four for that part.

 Getting used to the book’s POV, first person present tense, didn’t take much. After a couple of paragraphs, I had no trouble with it. Unfortunately, the POV created a distance between the narrator and the reader. As a narrator, Daniel felt younger than his thirty years. His internal dialogues were repetitive and all over the place. It was easy to get annoyed by him and miss important parts of the story.

 It took me longer than normal to finish reading it because the middle part is longer than necessary. The day-to-day events became monotonous and the time lapses too wide. One thing I enjoyed about this story were the secondary characters. They saved this part of the story giving us a welcome distraction.

 The first rays of love between Rex and Daniel are what make this book worth it. The MCs come from different backgrounds and have different ideas of what they wanted from life, but when they are together, nothing else matters. Their slow built and quiet companionship let the reader see how two damage boys became smart and loving men against all odds.

 As the first book in the series, we didn’t get all the answers we would want about particular events or the MCs’ future, but there’s enough information to entice the reader into reading the next book.

 The cover by AngstyG works well with the story setting and the characters. I just wish the model representing Rex was a little closer to the book description, though.

Sale Links: Dreamspinner | Amazon | ARe

 Book Details:

 ebook, 350 pages
Published: July 10, 2015, by Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 9781634768702
Edition Language: English

Series:  Middle of Somewhere
Book #1: In the Middle of Somewhere
Book #2: Out of Nowhere

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