A Paul B Review: Sealed With Honor (Signed, Sealed, Delivered #1) by Caitlin Ricci and A.J. Marcus


Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars

Sealed with HonorWhat should be a happy time for Cam is actually one of dread.  A fennec fox shifter from Morocco, his mating has been arranged to another shifter from the state of Washington.  According to the rules and traditions of mating, Cam must give up everything from his old life to begin his new life with his mate.  The one thing he will miss the most is his childhood and best friend Leo.  Cam hopes that his new mate will at least give him the right to contact Leo occasionally to keep up with him, but he does not hold out much hope.

On the night before his mating, Jenner is out with his best friend Taruk.  While partying, they are interrupted by a young male with what appears to be more spunk than brains.  They resume their evening after the young man’s bodyguard escorts him from the bar.  Jenner meets the man the next day and finds out that he is his intended mate.  Things get strange when the young man asks why Taruk is touching Jenner, contrary to mating customs.  Jenner chalks it up to jealousy.  This would become the first of several misunderstandings that the two encounter on the first day of their mating.  Cam wonders if his mate’s cluelessness is a bad sign that his mating will be one without love.

This is a good first book in Caitlin Ricci and A.J. Marcus’s new Signed, Sealed, Delivered shifter series.  The main focus of this book is the contrasting cultures the different shifter clans have developed, whether from the continent they come from or the species of each shifter.

Cam has spent his entire life protected from anything that might harm him so his father could get a high dowry for him.  Jenner has lived a carefree existence, doing wild things with his friends.  I felt sorry for Cam and Leo as they feel that this is probably the end of their lifelong friendship.  The misunderstandings of mating between Cam and Jenner seem like it comes from a screwball comedy.  You just wait for the lightbulb to come on for one of them so that they can resolve their differences.  I could see Lucy and Ricky in the scene where Cam hands Jenner the printout that he must read in order for their friends to interact normally with them.    The story has me hooked for the next book in the series

The cover art by Latrisha Waters shows Cam in both his human form and his fennec fox form.  It is nicely done cover for the book.

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Book Details

ebook, 80 pages
Published March 14th 2016 by eXtasy Books
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesSigned, Sealed, Delivered

Sealed with Honor (Signed, Sealed, Delivered #1)

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