A BJ Review: The 13th Hex (A Hexworld Short Story) by Jordan L. Hawk


Rating:  5 stars out of 5

The 13th HexThe 13th Hex is the prequel short story to the all-new Hexworld series. If you like shifters, magic, and romance, you’ll love Jordan L. Hawk’s world of witch policemen and the familiars they bond with.

Romance. Magic. Murder.

Dominic Kopecky is a Metropolitan Witch Police fanboy who failed the magic aptitude tests when he was young. He’d dreamed of working at MWP with witches and their familiars who take the form of birds, toads, and cats. But his lack of magic led him to become the next best thing—a hexman who does the grunt work of using ink, paper and gemstones to create spells that witches later activate with their magic. But hexes were an exact science and a badly done one could turn very deadly when activated.

When the beautiful unbonded crow familiar, Rook, seeks Dominic’s help investigating murder by patent hex, Dominic isn’t sure why. He’s not a witch, the case has already been closed, and someone seems willing to kill to keep it that way.

I loved this one right from the start. Well-written, well-paced, intriguing characters, and a very unusual world set up. I read it first in the Charmed and Dangerous anthology, and when I saw that it was going to me a series, I was totally jazzed!

Both characters are quirky and compelling, and the writing was excellent with danger, heat, and humor well-mixed. I found myself giggling that the familiar was a crow and Dominic’s last name was KoPECKy. As did some of lines like ‘keep your beak out of it’ and a bunch of others.

A lovely sweet romance, some nice heat, and a fun story. Overall, it just hit all the right notes for me.

Beautiful cover! I love the layout of it as well as the elements that speak of another time and paranormal together very well. I am eager to see a rendering of the other character on the cover for the next one if the author runs true to how she did the covers on previous series.

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Book Details:  

ebook, 2nd edition
Published April 5th 2016 by Jordan L. Hawk
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesHexworld 0.5

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