A Free Dreamer Review: Labyrinthian by Sunny Moraine


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

LabyrinthianA hunter should never fall for his prey.
A hunter’s heart should never fall prey to his quarry. 

Still nursing his latest post-mission hangover, bounty hunter Theseus jumps at a high-paying, high-risk job that sounds ridiculously easy. Yet from the moment he nabs the alleged supersoldier with sedative gas, nothing is as it seems.

On the run from the facility where he was created and raised, Taur is desperate to locate his genetically engineered brothers and sisters. To rescue them—and himself—from slavery. Waking aboard Theseus’ ship, his fury is tempered by curiosity about his captor.

Despite his doubts about his prisoner, Theseus figures it’d be risky to let Taur go—until they’re thrown together by a shared betrayal. They declare a tentative truce as they flee from a shadowy and immensely powerful organization that will stop at nothing to find them.

But as they wrestle with their growing feelings for each other, Taur and Theseus face an even greater danger. A lethal threat lurking inside Taur’s own body, waiting to explode…

“Labyrinthian” is my second book by Sunny Moraine. It’s set in the same universe as “Line and Orbit”, but definitely works as a standalone. It’s not part of the “Root Code” series, since it’s set in a different part of space, with completely different MCs.

I quite enjoyed this book. It’s fast, fun, and action packed. There’s a healthy dose of violence with some gore, so beware. Personally, the gore was a little too much for me at times. I do not need to read in detail about Taur ripping out another man’s arms, thank you very much.

Still, I liked the tough personalities of both MCs. Taur definitely has a very soft core, which was a bit of a surprise. It’s not something you’d expect when first meeting him. But he has people he really, really cares about and doesn’t shy away from doing whatever necessary to save them.

Theseus was quite likeable as well. He’s still recovering from a bad break-up and now he just loves his job as a hunter and his ship.

I liked how uncertain Taur was when it came to social interactions, especially love and romance. It was really quite adoring at times. And Theseus was more than happy to teach him all about sexuality. So sex happened, but it definitely wasn’t the main focus of the book, nor was the romance. Mostly, “Labyrinthian” focused on the wild chase through the universe, to find Taur’s siblings, and to get away from the people who created him.

The world building was well done and very interesting. Phae, a minor character and also Theseus’ ex-girlfriend, added spice to the mix. She had a unique and interesting personality. It never gets boring with her around.

Overall, “Labyrinthian” was an enjoyable space opera that could have used a touch less gore. I liked it and I definitely like Sunny Moraine’s writing. Looking forward to reading more by her.

The cover by Kanaxa shows Taur and Theseus, a solar system and a dark landscape. It’s very pretty.

Sales Links:[ Samhain | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Google Play ]

Book details:

Kindle Edition, 290 pages

Published January 20th 2015 by Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

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