An Ali Review: Bored, Stroked and Blueprinted by K.C. Kendricks

Rating:  3 stars out of 5

Bored Stoked and BlueprintedAs a boy, Mick Ambrose fell in love with cars. Now he owns and operates an auto restoration shop specializing in all things American Muscle. When the black 1969 Camaro Z/28 he years ago dubbed Onyx pulls into his garage, Mick forgets his first love in favor of her driver, Logan Gregg. Mick’s interested and cruises Logan at a speed worthy of the car he drives.

Logan Gregg’s plan to avoid entanglements in his life drives away when he stops at American Muscle to ask a few questions about restoring the Z/28 he inherited from his uncle. The owner of the shop is smooth as a well-tuned V-8 engine and twice as hot. Logan is quick to shift gears and take a closer look at Mick Ambrose and the road ahead.

But when Mick wants to get too close, too fast, Logan backs off. His past holds painful memories he can’t escape and the tattoos on his arms aren’t just for decoration. Working on the Z/28 brings the men closer, but Mick makes a mistake when he confesses his knowledge of the past Logan wants to keep buried. Mick knows a man has to settle his past to step into his future, but can he convince Logan?

KC Kendricks did a good job with this story, it’s a nice and sweet shorter story.  Mick is sure from his first meeting with Logan that he wants more with him and not just something casual.  Logan has trouble trusting others and has a bit of a push and pull relationship with Mick at the beginning.  The more time they spend together working on the car the closer they become.

Mick has been tired of hook ups for a long time, but never met anyone who he was interested in more with and Logan drives up in his dream car.  He can tell that Logan has some demons from his past to deal with but wants to help him move forward.  They both have to grow up a bit and accept that everything can’t be perfect all the time no matter how much you want it to be.

I quickly understood Mick’s feelings in the story, but it took a little longer to know Logan’s.  Neither want to do anything to hurt the other, but aren’t able to prevent it as much as they would like.  It takes time and patience for them to move forward.  I just wish we would have been able to know what Logan was thinking in some parts of the story.

Cover art by April Martinez is very nice and made me interested in the book.

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Book Details:

ebook, 97 pages
Published: 2nd Edition April 26, 2016 by Loose Id
ISBN: 9781682521274
Edition Language: English

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