A MelanieM Review: Short Stay (Love Lessons #3.5) by Heidi Cullinan

Rating: 5 stars out of 5   ★★★★★

Short StayHot messes have a hard time with happily ever after.

Baz Acker and Elijah Prince have it all. They’re engaged, and their wedding is guaranteed to be a spectacle no event will ever top. So why are they hunkered down in a quiet corner of the Acker mansion, restless and edgy while they wait out the holidays?

When Baz suggests a road trip with Walter and Kelly to Las Vegas, it sounds like an ideal escape, but it turns out Vegas only amplifies their unease. Elijah can’t slough off the self-hating his parents programmed into him, and he worries how that will affect his marriage. Baz, crippled en route because of too much time spent in the car without rest, must face the truth that his wealth and influence can’t always counteract the limits his disability will put on his—and Elijah’s—life.

With help from their friends, a wily poker player, a take-no-prisoners drag queen, and a smooth-talking casino owner, they face the truth that happiness is a state of mind, not a destination where they book a stay. What happens in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas—it will follow them all the way down the aisle.

This novella was written for and by the request of Heidi’s Patreon readers. It is suggested but not required that you read at least Lonely Hearts before reading this book.

When I finished Short Stay I just couldn’t stop smiling, my heart felt so full and happy.  If, as Heidi says above this was written at the request of and for her Patreon readers, they must be overflowing with joy.

Short Stay takes engaged couple Baz Acker and Elijah Prince (Lonely Hearts (Love Lessons #3) off on a runaway trip to escape a Momzilla on groom plan overload and their own fears for themselves and their  future together.  And of course, the only logical place to run away in a time like this is to Las Vegas, a scary destination for a man with photophobia and another with an unease of crowds and new places.

But Heidi Cullinan immediately starts to enclose our shaky couple with a cushioning of characters, old friends and new, that will guide them safely to a happy solid relationship foundation and future.  Walter and Kelly (Love Lessons)  come along immediately as drivers of Baz’s Tesla on their road trip to Las Vegas (Baz can’t drive because of his poor vision due to the photophobia that was caused during the hate bashing when he was 16).

In Las Vegas, their hotel reservation turns out to be Herods and an introduction to a wonderful  group of fascinating and unforgettable characters, Ethan, Randy, Sam, Chenco, Mitch and more.  Its such a great combination of universes and its works to perfection.

The author’s amazing ability to dive into each character’s hearts, and pull us along into their journey as these broken men find the courage and trust in themselves in order to go forward never fails to bring me to tears. The author makes us understand the special requirements and needs for  living with photophobia, that life with a background as a child on the streets never vanishes, nor does the pain of that existence diminish with time.  The author gives the reader insight into these issues through Baz, Elijah, Randy and more.  We believe in them wholeheartedly, we want them to be happy and when it works out, just as the author plans, its beautiful, scary when their future seems shaky and heartwarming.  A wonderful 5-star story.

And true to form,  all other characters in the stories will show up as well.  Heidi Cullinan forgets no one.  I loved it.  And it will send me back to reread all the other stories too.  Bonus.

I loved Short Stay, I love all the Love Lessons stories. In fact I love Heidi Cullinan.  There you go.

I recommend them all.

Book Cover is perfect for the story and character.  Yep.  Loved it too.

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Book Details:

Published May 24th 2016 by Heidi Cullinan
Original TitleShort Stay
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesLove Lessons #3.5


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