An Alisa Review: Dirty Angel by Barbara Elsborg

Rating:  4 stars out of 5


Art profile portrait of beautiful man with body of athlete. Photo.

Art profile portrait of beautiful man with body of athlete. Photo.

Dying Sucks

Particularly when you discover there really is a hell. Aden thinks there’s no way he can avoid going down, but when an angel and demon can’t agree over his fate, Aden is given one more month to gain redemption. He doubts he can find a way to become a better man in so short a time. But it’s worth a try, right?

Living sucks

Particularly when you can’t shake free of an obsessive ex. Brody might be managing to hold down his job as a vet, but his personal life is a mess. If he doesn’t pull himself together soon, he’s going to be sliding downhill too fast to stop.

One wet night, on a dark country lane, two worlds collide and destinies change forever.

Barbara Elsborg did a great job with this story.  Aden is getting a second chance to try and be a better person by living up to his potential.  Brody is ready to give up and doesn’t know if it’s worth it to pull himself together.


Aden has had the worst luck when it comes to his life, his parents didn’t love him and he was constantly abused by others when they died.  He was never loved and doesn’t know how to or why you would want to love someone.  Brody thought he loved his ex and when things go too far he finally breaks free only to have him come back to try and get him back.


Both Aden and Brody have heartbreaking back stories that greatly affect their lives.  They both connect with each other and the reader quickly.  They don’t hold back their emotions and are willing to just let everything out which makes understanding the characters easy.  There is a great HFN ending looking a bit in the future which gives hope for both of the characters.


Cover art Joe Raven is perfect for this book.

Sales Link:  Amazon

Book Details:

ebook, 255 pages
Published: June 1, 2016 by Barbara Elsborg
ISBN: 9781682521274
Edition Language: English


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