A Paul B Review: Acceptance (Forbes Mates #3) by Grace R. Duncan

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

AcceptanceQuincy Archer has been on the run for the past two months.  Being tepay-sa to his jaguar shifter pride means he is next in line to lead.  But even before he found his wolf shifter mate, he never wanted the title he was born into.  However, his father just won’t accept his decision.  In order to protect his destined mate from trouble, Quincy decides to go into hiding.  However three jaguars enforcers have found him in suburban Pittsburgh and beat him to within an inch of his life.  Too weak to shift or to get away in human form, he instructs the EMTs that arrive to take him to Presby hospital, where his mate works as an ER doctor.

Miles Grant has been working a lot since his mate ran off.  While he understands that Quincy is trying to protect him, Miles still feels the pain of separation even if they have not claimed each other yet.  He has been working extra shifts to deal with the loneliness.  As he is ending a shift, he smells his mate as he is brought in by ambulance.  Miles has to make sure that Quincy is able to shift to heal but still have a reasonable explanation for his rapid recovery. Miles is grateful for the time they spend together while Quin heals; he knows that they will have to be apart again soon.

Once Quin gets on the road again, the enforcers who pulverized him send him photos of Miles stating that he is next.  Realizing that running away is not keeping Miles any safer, he decides to go back to the Forbes wolf pack territory and face this with his mate and their friends.  When Quincy confronts his father who denies any knowledge of his beating or the threats against Miles, Quincy does not know what to believe.  His father may be an ass, but he takes ownership of the bad things he has done.  If his father is not the one chasing after him and his mate, just exactly who is after Quincy and why?  With the help of their friends and an unlikely ally, the group sets about to find answers so that Quincy and Miles might have some peace as they try to start their lives together as mates.

I really enjoyed this third installment of the Forbes Pack series.  While it could be read as a standalone, having read the previous two books would provide some context to the story.   It was good to see the protagonists of the previous books used in a major supporting role in this book.  The plot lines from the previous books are wrapped up well and give a satisfying ending.  Through the story, Quincy learns that while being a solitary figure such as a jaguar shifter is drives his instincts, sometimes you need the help of friends to get things done.  While this book could be used as a finale to the series, I do hope we see more from this group of “pups” and “cats.” 

The striking cover by Reese Dante portrays the main characters as I would picture them.  The upper portion has the dark haired Quincy and the ginger Miles in human form while below that are their jaguar and red wolf.  It is truly nicely done.

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Book Details:

ebook, 236 pages
Published July 8th 2016 by Dreamspinner Press
ISBN 163477406X (ISBN13: 9781634774062)
Edition LanguageEnglish

SeriesForbes Mates 

  • Devotion (Forbes Mates #1)
  • Patience (Forbes Mates #2)
  • Acceptance (Forbes Mates #3)

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