In the Spotlight: To Fight His Heart by Alex Nortan (Excerpt and Giveaway)



To Fight His Heart by Alec Nortan
Publisher:  NineStar Press
Cover Artist: Natasha Snow

Release Date: Aug. 8, 2016

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Book Blurb

The only way for Matt to be with Jordan is to put his life back on tracks. And if it requires physical injuries, Matt is ready to pay that price. One price he isn’t ready to pay, though, is other people’s mistakes. And as his past catches up with him, a lot of such people are ganging up on him, including cops.

Category: Romance
Genre: Contemporary
Sex Content: Non-explicit

Pairing: MM
Orientation: Gay
Identity: Cis
Length: Novelette

Words: 22000
Pages: 73


Stupid phone. Jordan told me to call him two weeks ago. Two weeks and I haven’t mustered the courage to call. How can I tell him I want him back in my life, but I have to rebuild my life first? How can I ask him to put his life on hold until then, when I don’t know if it will take days, months, or years?

I put down the phone and go to get my bike. Even if I change everything else in my life, I still need to get some exercise.

Thirty minutes later, I reach my destination. It’s a closed-down factory not far from the docks. The fence has a hole in it, right where my contact told me. I go through it and hide my bike behind a bush. The door is unlocked, as I’d expected. I enter and hear voices. And funny noises. I walk down the hall to the right, as instructed, and emerge in a wide warehouse space. Machines are rusting everywhere. Small ones are scattered around seemingly haphazardly, some no bigger than a small table and others the size of a car. The biggest ones, the size of small houses, are neatly aligned, occupying a whole side of the place. Some of the casings are missing, probably eaten by rust, revealing wheels and chains crisscrossing inside the beasts. A web of gangways had been built around and above them, probably to help maintain them. These are now rusting away, with some parts missing.

Standing on top of the nearest machine, a boy, who looks barely sixteen, sits gazing down at me.

He whistles and the place becomes quiet. From behind the machines, a dozen people appear. There are four girls, and two of the guys look to be older than me, though not by much. Most of them are wearing cargo pants and hoodies; a few have on shorts and T-shirts. The only thing missing is guns. With them, they would look like a gang.

A girl walks over to me. She’s short, with brown hair tied in a ponytail. She’s wearing a dirty white skintight top and a cap. “Matt?”

I nod. “Gaby, I suppose?”

We shake hands. She turns to the group. “This is Matt, the guy I told you about.”

A boy comes forward and scrutinizes me.

He turns to Gaby. “Are you sure he won’t cause us any problems?”

I can’t help smiling at the rebuke.

Gaby keeps a straight face. “He’s the one who busted those dirty cops three years ago. Trust me, he won’t be a problem.”

This wipes the smile off my face. I’d rather leave that feat in the past. However, it gets me a few awed stares from the others around us.

“Too bad he didn’t get rid of the clean ones, too,” the kid grumbles, walking back a few steps.

“Did you take me in because of that?” I ask Gaby.

She shakes her head. “No. Don’t worry about it. But the cops don’t appreciate what we do. They can sometimes cause us trouble. I told you about it. If you don’t like it, you can go away.”

I stifle a snort. “Trust me, I’ve done worse!”

Author Bio

Alec Nortan is a French social services worker. Though he learned English at school, he chooses this language to write in. His works are gay-related fictions, varying from young adult, science fiction or fantasy adventure, to romance.


Facebook: Alec Nortan


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