A MelanieM Review: Midlife Crisis by Rob Rosen


Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

midlife-crisisJack is thirty-five and single once again. He is not, as he as quick to point out, going through a midlife crisis. Still, it would be nice to have a partner. And so he sets out on an adventure to find the one-time love of his life, Bing, a man he hasn’t set eyes on in more than fifteen years, a man who has seemingly vanished off the face of the planet. With the help of his family and friends—plus the family dog and, of all people, his high school bully—he goes searching for Bing, only to unearth an ages-old mystery that puts them all in grave danger. In this hysterically funny tale of romance and self-discovery, the question remains right on up to the surprise ending: can we return to our past in order to better our future?

I often forget Rob Rosen’s ability to crack me up until I pick up another book of his, then the memory snaps back into place, along with the laughter as I read his characters hilarious wry, snarky and often wildly funny thoughts and dialog that flows out of their mouths and stories.

Midlife Crisis is another Rob Rosen gem.   Jack, a college professor has just had his last long relationship (6 months) breakup.  And his emotions are a jumbled mess about it. On one hand, he wasn’t in love with the boyfriend, in lust with the sex, ok.  But not with the man.  So time to say goodbye.  But another failed relationship?  That’s that  one that hurts and Jack is trying to see where he’s gone wrong with all the past relationships in his life because none have worked.  And hey!  Jack’s hitting 35, the gay midlife crisis number (according to Jack).  No long a cute  twink, his best cruising dayz behind him, he’s reaching gay old age (in his head).  Listening to Jack’s thoughts rambling on, leaping from one snarky peak to the next without ever hitting a valley of connectivity, is hilarious.

I love how Rosen lay’s out Jack’s life and his thoughts about how its played out.  It helps off course to have  Jack’s best friend weigh in on the matter with his own funny judgements.  Soon Jack has made the fateful decision that the love of his life, Bing O’Malley, must be found.  That the former teen love might hold the answers to the problems of his current relationship woes seems both silly and familiar and all too real.  Yep, its off to his hometown, his folks (who I couldn’t get enough of ) and a gassy Bassett Hound named Chompers.

Let the hilarity ensue.  How it does.

Also some very hot sex.  Many wild goings on, a murder mystery, the Shriners, the mob, even the FBI, as Jack pursues the boy who he loved and who left him, the new hot guy helping him, and  a slew of crazy clues all swirling about Jack’s past.  Plus there’s tons of laughter thrown in.

The writing’s fast paced to keep up with the action ~ in and out of the bed.  I was finished before I knew it or I was ready for the story to be over.  I loved Jack, his parents, Chompers…everything about Midlife Crisis.  And yes, Jack found the answers he was looking for.  Ready for some love and laughter? A murder mystery and hot sex too?  Pick up Midlife Crisis by Rob Rosen, you won’t be disappointed.


Cover art works for the character and story.

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Book Details:

ebook, Smashwords edition, 182 pages
Published August 20th 2016 by Fierce Publishing
Edition LanguageEnglish

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