An Alisa Release Day Review : Sunchaser (Smilodon Pride #2) by Beryll Brackhaus and Osiris Brackhaus


Rating:  4 stars out of 5


sunchaserRoan has pretended to be a human for long enough. He needs to get out of town and roam the land, as any proper werecat should.


The last thing he wants is his conscience insisting he should save an abused werewolf from a traveling circus first. The very last thing he expects is the local sheriff’s daughter having the exact same idea – and beating him to the punch.


Their rescue goes spectacularly wrong, and suddenly Roan, Betsy and their crippled wolf find themselves fleeing across the US for the Mexican border, chased by the police and vengeful circus fey alike.


Sunchaser is a non-romance, road-movie-ish urban fantasy adventure novel about a werecat drifter, a wide-eyed human girl and a defective werewolf learning that sometimes, family really is the ones you didn’t pick.


Roan has spent his life roaming all around, never staying in one place longer than necessary.  He still keeps up with his family, but never allows himself to care for anyone else.  When he decides to save the abused werewolf he forces himself to have a hard look at how he has been living his life.


This story is told from Roan’s point of view and we get to know Betsy and Martin through his eyes.  To put it plainly Roan is quite selfish at the beginning to the story and does his best to put aside any introspection.  He learns that people are not always what they seem when he is injured while rescuing the werewolf and Betsy takes care of him.  As they spend more time together they grow closer as friends and we can see Betsy growing up a bit now that she has gotten from underneath her father’s thumb.  I loved all three of these characters and felt horrible for Martin in what had happened to him, but at least we were able to see him getting better.  I just wish we were able to learn some more about him, but maybe that will come in later books.  I look forward to reading more books in this series and learning more about this family.


Cover art is great and portrays the story setting and characters nicely.


Sales Link: Amazon


Book Details:

ebook, 194 pages

Published: October 14, 2016

Edition Language: English

Series: Smilodon Pride #2

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