Release Day Blitz for Suncatcher – Smilodon Pride Book 2 by Beryll and Osiris Brackhaus (Author and Character Interviews, exclusive excerpt and giveaway)

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Smilodon Pride, Book Two
Genre: Paranormal, Adventure
Length: Novel

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words got lucky and not only are the authors here today but the 3 main characters as well!  We cornered them all and gave them some questions to answer and this is how it turned out!

From the authors, Beryll & Osiris Brackhaus:

  • Will we see more of the siblings interacting in this series?

Yes, we absolutely will. This book had a little scene with Roan’s and Connor’s sister Deirdre having her first appearance in person. The next book in the series, ‘Moonstealer’, will be mainly about her, but there will be some interaction with her brother Connor from ‘Softpaw’. As the series progresses, we plan to bring all of them together more closely, with more interaction between them until the three storylines converge altogether.

  • Will we learn more about Martin?

Eventually, his past will be revealed and he will even be able to turn back into a human. But there’s no miracle cure for him – it’s going to be a piece of work for the entire pride.

  • Will we see more about the twist at the end of the first book with the judge?

Yes, of course. All three storyline are connected and will merge at some point over the course of the series. As it stands for now, the next book after ‘Moonstealer’ will return to Paris and continue Connor’s and Michel’s storyline. Though we also plan to have something of a poll for our readers once ‘Moonstealer’ is out, to see how and where they’d like the story to continue. The way we have set up the series, with three initial storylines that will eventually converge into one, we have several options on whom to put the focus on in future books. So while we will continue with the overall storyline as planned, there’s definitely going to be reader input involved.

From the characters, Betsy, Roan and their wolf friend, Martin:

For Betsy: How does it feel to be human amid non humans? How scary, small…wild…is it?

  • Betsy: First of all, let me thank you for having us here today. It’s such a rare thing that I can talk freely about those things. So how does it feel? Oh my. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. I may have lived my whole life in that small town, but I was always so curious about the world and the internet opens up so many opportunities to bring the world into your home, and into your mind. I think all things considered I was reasonably well prepared for the challenges. Although most of the facts in my novels turned out to be garbage, really, the general idea of what to do and not to do was right. What they really don’t prepare you for is the shedding. And the smell. Those huge predators can get really smelly and they are so HARD to wash. *laughs*

I think what annoys me most is how useless I sometimes feel. In the books, they never mention how squishy you feel, with my soft skin and with no claws or proper teeth. But then I remind myself of all my useful skills and just carry on. Roan says I think too much anyway. *laughs again*

For Roan: The exact same question and also how hard also was it to pose as a human?

  • Roan: Yeah. Hi. Really, I don’t mind living as a human for a little while. I even like my human body. It’s the humans who tend to annoy me, especially when there are many in one place. I feel boxed in, and that makes me want to shred them, which is generally frowned upon.
  • Betsy: *frowns at him*
  • Roan: See? Exactly. *laughs* No, seriously. Human life if so tedious and planned. It’s boring to know exactly what you will be doing next month or even next year. But Betsy’s okay. It’s a bit weird to have a mixed-species-pride, but then again – I don’t really give a fuck. We’re cool.
  • Martin (from the floor): Arf!

What made you rescue the wolf?

  • Roan: Stupidity? Yeah, that. It was foolish, unnecessary and a typical spur of the moment decision. Do I regret it? Obviously not. I love my stupid, stinky mutt!
  • Martin (from the floor): *groans, but doesn’t even look up*
  • Betsy (whispers): He’s got a conscience, but don’t tell anyone.

For all of you…what do you think keeps you all together?

  • Betsy (looks at both Roan and Martin): I think our skills and personalities compliment each other really well. I provide the social aspect and the knowledge of the modern world, Roan does the fighting and hunting and brooding and Martin reminds us how happy the simple things in life make us.
  • Roan: Uh… I don’t know? And I don’t really care, either. I mean, it works, why question it? Stupid question.
  • Martin: *sits up with a giant doggy grin, threatens to lick Roan’s face*
  • Roan: NO! Down! Get off me, you…!


Roan has pretended to be a human for long enough. He needs to get out of town and roam the land, as any proper werecat should.

The last thing he wants is his conscience insisting he should save an abused werewolf from a traveling circus first. The very last thing he expects is the local sheriff’s daughter having the exact same idea – and beating him to the punch.

Their rescue goes spectacularly wrong, and suddenly Roan, Betsy and their crippled wolf find themselves fleeing across the US for the Mexican border, chased by the police and vengeful circus fey alike.

Sunchaser is a non-romance, road-movie-ish urban fantasy adventure novel about a werecat drifter, a wide-eyed human girl and a defective werewolf learning that sometimes, family really is the ones you didn’t pick.

Exclusive Excerpt

Roan let go of the human shape he had been holding onto. Usually, it took a little effort to shift, but this time, it felt like the human just flowed out of him like water from a broken jug. His cat body took the place of his human one in less time than it took for Betsy to blink. Finally on four paws again, Roan shook himself and breathed in deeply. The scents of the wilderness washed over him, exactly the feast he had been imagining. Subtle aromas of plants and dry earth and fine trails of prey. The bright smell of jackrabbit was strongest. Not far from here at all.

“Gosh, you are just magnificent, you know that?” Betsy’s voice startled him.

He hadn’t even noticed she was still there. It was odd since her scent was the strongest around, warm and special. He couldn’t even put a name to it. It was entirely her. And entirely familiar, he realized. He hadn’t paid attention to it because it had been near him constantly. It was a scent he had come to associate with things being right.

She was looking at him, her eyes shining with honest awe. It made him first stand up straighter and then stretch languidly, putting his grace on display. Then he walked over to her to gently rub his nose against her cheek, taking care not to poke her with his sabre teeth. Yeah, maybe Martin was impressive, but he didn’t make her give such a breathless little laugh like she did now. The touch of her fingers as she trailed them down his neck wasn’t casually petting, but as reverential as it should be. A deep purr reverberated through him.

Then he pulled away.

There would still be time for a thorough scratching later. He jumped up onto a rock, striking another majestic pose in the moonlight for Betsy, before he disappeared into the night.

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Prizes: 2 ecopies of Softpaw, Smilodon Pride, Book One

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Start your journey with Book One in the Smilodon Pride series:


Connor’s life used to be the dream of any cultured werecat. He spent his days in Paris’ gay quarter with comfortably little real work, playing the piano, surrounded by art, fine food and good friends. Now, a feral vampire preys on the prostitutes of ‘his’ quarter, killing the boys of the Marais one by one.

When Connor invites a newly arrived hooker to stay on his houseboat, the last thing he expects is Michel to be a member of the Brigade Criminelle – a troubled, hunky rookie cop sent undercover to explore Connor’s connection to the murders, picked mostly because he had been a boy of the Marais himself, not so long ago.

Hiding their true natures becomes a problem for both when their initial attraction becomes much more than they ever thought possible. But in order to bring down the serial killer and maybe have a chance at making their relationship work out, one of them will have to take the first, critical leap…

Softpaw Book Cover

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About the authors

Beryll and Osiris Brackhaus are a couple currently living their happily ever after in the very heart of Germany, under the stern but loving surveillance of their cat.
Both of them are voracious but picky readers, they love telling stories and drinking tea, good food and the occasional violent movie. Together, they write novels of adventure and romance, hoping to share a little of their happiness with their readers.

An artist by heart, Beryll wrote stories even before she knew what letters were. As easily inspired as she is frustrated, her own work is never good enough (in her eyes). A perfectionist in the best and worst sense of the word and the driving creative force of the duo.


An entertainer and craftsman in his approach to writing, Osiris is the down-to-earth, practical part of the team. Broadly interested in almost every subject and skill, with a sunny mood and caring personality, he strives to bring the human nature into focus of each of his stories.


By Scattered Thoughts

At over 50, I am ruled by my terriers, my gardens, and my projects. A knack for grubbing about in the woods, making mud pies, and tending to the injured worms, bugs, and occasional bird and turtle growing up eventually led me to working for the Parks. I was a park Naturalist for over 20 years, and observing Nature and her cycles still occupy my hours. From the arrival of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in the Spring to the first call of the Snow Geese heading south in the Fall, I am entranced by the seasons. For more about me see my bio on my blog.

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