An Alisa Review: The Cowboy in Unit E (The Mockingbird Place #2) by Kris Cook



Rating:  4 stars out of 5


the-cowboy-in-unit-eThe good news is the most gorgeous cowboy I’ve ever seen is moving in next door to me. The bad news? He’s not alone. Hanging on his arm is a very pregnant woman. Are they a couple? It sure looks like they are. So not only is he not gay, but he also has a girlfriend, or a wife, or whatever. Just my luck.




21-year old Trace Cotton is an artist who never shows his paintings to anyone. When cowboy Luke Wagner moves into Mockingbird Place with a very pregnant Ava, Trace believes he must fight his attraction to Luke since he’s taken.


When Ava collapses outside Trace’s apartment, he comes to her rescue. Things aren’t what they seem on the surface, but when Trace finds out the truth will it be too late for a chance at something real with Luke?


I enjoyed this story.  Trace has spent years trying to heal from some abuse he suffered as a child, only his paintings have helped his pain.  Luke has put his life on hold and suffered in silence since his brother’s death, once he realizes he can still live his life he may have damaged his bridges too much


Both of these characters were wonderful, they are both broken but can see that things will get better.  I could see both of their emotions and how they were able to deal with their pasts and help healing each other.  Their love is strong enough to heal the other and to form a family with the others at Mockingbird Place.  Seeing the unwavering love all the characters have for each other was wonderful.


The cover art is nice and follows the pattern for the series.


Sales Link: Amazon


Book Details:

ebook, 162 pages

Published: November 17, 2015 by Forbidden Passion Press

Edition Language: English

Series: The Mockingbird Place #2

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