A Paul B Review: The Beginning (Sirius Wolves #6) by Victoria Sue


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

the-beginning-by-victoria-sueThe sixth book in the Sirius Wolves series opens up three months later as Marcus Flint, human alpha of the Jefferson pack, the largest werewolf pack in America, is coming home from having titanium rods fitted as his new artificial legs.  Kellan, who is about four months pregnant, is not doing well and the pack doctor has advised him to return as soon as possible.  His other mates, Ricoh and Nate seem to be doing better as both are alpha werewolves. 

As the Supreme Alphas and Jefferson pack are dealing with the terrorist organization Winter Circle and wary of interference from the god Anubis, a strange wolf shows up on pack lands.  The stranger turns out to be Nate’s father Eric.  He claims that he has been searching for Nate for the last twelve years since Nate ran away but only just now found him thanks to his appearance on human television.  Nate, who has no memories prior to showing up on Jefferson pack land, is not sure of this reconciliation.  Marcus and the Supreme Alphas are also cautious about trusting Eric.  When Nate has to postpone a meeting with Eric because he becomes tired because of his own pregnancy, Eric takes it as a slight.  Eric kidnaps Kellan and says that he will return Kellan when Marcus brings Nate with him for what amounts to a prisoner exchange.  Meanwhile, Nate is seeing visions of the future and is frightened by what he sees.  He convinces Ricoh and the omega Aden to help rescue Kellan before his visions become prophecy.  A successful mission where the mass carnage Nate envisions might yet occur as Marcus leads another mission to get Kellan.  And to make matters worse, Kellan goes into premature labor, never a good sign for a werewolf pregnancy.

Each book of this series keeps drawing me in more.  Marcus can now keep up with his wolves but is still fearful that as a human mate that he will cause the early death of his mates with his passing.  Mates do not survive long without each other and either die themselves or go crazy.  Ricoh is still processing his feelings toward his former alpha and supposed mate Hunter, which is causing some hesitation with his mates.  The back story to Nate provides us with more reasons how Anubis is involved in the lives of the main characters and how the Winter Circle came to be.  And as usual, a surprise or two is thrown in toward the end that some will not see coming. 

The cover art by E Connors has a young shirtless man in jeans with his back toward us looking over his shoulder.  This would be how I would picture a still recovering Nate would look like. 

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Book Details

EBook, 173 pages

Edition Language:  English

Published:  July 28, 2016 by Dark Hollows Press

ISBN:  978-1-944054-71-7

Series:  Sirius Wolves

  • Orion’s Circle (Sirius Wolves #1)
  • Broken Circle (Sirius Wolves #2)
  • Eternal Circle (Sirius Wolves #3)
  • The Promise (Sirius Wolves #4)
  • The Dilemma (Sirius Wolves #5)

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