A Stella Review: Full Circle (Second Chances #2) by T.A. Webb

RATING 4,5 out of 5 stars

full-circle-by-ta-webbThe funny thing about circles is that, to draw one, the curve must go down before it can go up again.

Robbie Jennings knows all about ups and downs. Used and abused as a teen by those he should have been able to trust, he almost gave up on life. Then someone stepped in to offer him a second chance. Robbie took the lifeline and ended up with a new family who wanted him…and a boyfriend who loved him.

Nevertheless, Robbie knows the downs can make a man crash. Faced with the perfect storm of woe—a painful voice from the past, a loved one’s grave illness, and a heartrending betrayal—Robbie’s not sure he can close the circle one more time.

His new family must join forces to show him that, together, they can always come Full Circle.

I have to admit I was super excited to read Full Circle by TA Webb. Second Chances, the first book in the series, is one of my all time favorite MM stories. I lost the count how many times I read it, and cried, and been happy with Mark. I fell in love with Antonio and hurt so much with Brian. I connected with all the amazing characters the author let me met.

Four years later I finally have Full Circle on my hands,  you can imagine my joy but at the same time I was a little anxious. Will Robbie’s story be good as Second Chances?

The book starts in the 2010 when Robbie is been adopted by Mark’s dad and he is now officially a Jenning. Finally he has found someone who truly wants him, he is deeply and forceful wanted by a great family who request nothing in change. The Jennings gave Robbie the love of a family, the protection of a home he never had. And then there’s Jason.

Robbie has been in love with Jason, Antonio’s son, since the first time they met when Robbie was only 14 years old and has joined Mark and Brian during a picnic. Robbie is still feeling dirty and bad from when he was a whore and a drug addict, but he is working on himself and his relationship with the young Jason seems to start going somewhere, when Robbie’s biological father, the one who did unspeakable things and  is now in prison, began to threaten him and his sister.

Full Circle is a choral story. The second characters are a lot and have huge roles, important as the MCs’ ones. It is darker than Second Chances as I was expecting it to be since from that little we learnt in book one, Robbie life hasn’t been easy and light at all.

I’ll be honest and say I’m not sure if Full Circle is good as the first one but the author still managed to make me weep more than once, and the ending was very very good.

There is a central part where things happen and we got everyone POV and the Jennings are a lot. It can sound confusing, instead I want to thank the author for them, in that moment I’m not sure I could have taken Robbie’s POV, it would have been too much for me. Plus it was a great chance to know better these awesome characters, some more than others, and to love them a little more.

The only reason I’m not giving Full Circle the full 5 stars is Jason, I couldn’t fully connect with him, maybe because his character was overwhelmed by others, maybe I felt him to be too young and not so mature as Robbie.

Anyway I want to highly recommend this series, but don’t jump now into Full Circle if you  haven’t read Second Chances yet, you would miss too much to really enjoy the story and the people who made it great.

The cover art by  Author.Services is not exactly what I was expecting but of course it/he is stunning.

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Kindle Edition, 191 pages
Published October 12th 2016 by A Bear on Books
ISBN 9781941841
Edition Language English

Second Chances Series

  • Second Chances #1
  • Full Circle #2

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