In the Author and Book Spotlight: Its T.A. Chase and her release ‘Why I Love Geeks (Why I Love… #1)’ (guest post)



Why I Love Geeks (Why I Love… #1) by T.A. Chase
reamspinner Press

Releases Date: November 10, 2016
Cover art by Anne Cain


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Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words is happy to have T.A. Chase here today to share a bit about herself, writing and whatever comes to mind. Welcome, T.A!


I’m T.A. Chase and I write gay romance. Thank you for having me today. I thought I’d ramble a little bit and let you get to know me. Hopefully you think it’s interesting.

I draw a lot of my inspiration from real life. Situations I get involved in or I watch unfold in front of me. It might be a snippet of an overheard conversation. (Yes, I’ll admit to eavesdropping…lol) Sometimes a phrase caught as I’m walking past can spark an idea. In fact, one of my works in progress sprang from hearing a mother say, “Wait a minute. Your brother’s stuck.” I have two chapters of a new book done based on that comment, plus the idea for the next one in the series.

I’ve gotten a lot of ideas from song lyrics. In fact quite a few of my titles are phrases from songs. Maybe because I love songs that tell a story. It doesn’t matter if it’s about heartbreak or happiness as long as there’s a phrase or lyric that catches my attention.

I have written several series based on legends and myths. I love taking them and twisting them into new ones or re-interpreting them. Like making Mordred and Lucifer relatively good guys, or at least not the villains legends have made them out to be. It’s fun to think ‘what if’ sometimes and change things up.

Of course there are times when I start out with a very clear idea for a character like who he’ll fall in love with or even who he is. Then as I’m writing, the plot morphs and twists. I find my character is in a completely different place. That’s the fun and agony of being a pantser.

In a way, I like learning about my characters and their stories the same way my readers do; one page at a time. Heck, some times it’s a paragraph at a time, the characters seem to take control of their own stories. I swear it’s as though they grab a hold of my fingers (whether I’m using my laptop or a pen) and write what they want.

I know that sounds a little crazy, but I’m sure if you were to ask a majority of authors, they’ll all have moments when their characters have rebelled against the plan set out for them.

In Why I Love Geeks, I’ll admit I thought it would go in one direction, then suddenly we’re in a completely different spot. Now I think where the story ended up was fun and interesting, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Geeks is a rom-com/romantic suspense mish-mash, imo. The first comedy I attempted. I actually love to write fantasies or paranormals most of all. I think it’s because I can create any kind of world with any rules I like.

I’ve written in almost every genre (except horror because I don’t read it, I’m not sure I’d be able to write a truly scary believable story) Contemporaries and historicals are difficult in some ways to write because a writer has to do research to make the story as accurate as possible.

But reading and writing fantasies and paranormals is fun. Some of my favorite comfort reads are fantasies. There’s something about being able to immerse myself in an entirely different world where magic is real or there are elves and unicorns. It makes our hum-drum world seem so ordinary. It might have something to do with the fact that many of the first books I read were fantasies with strong female characters, which might not have anything to do with my stories. Yet I learned what great world building should be like as long as the characters were believable.

If I were stranded on a desert island and I could take some books with me though, I’d have most of Megan Derr’s books because her fantasies are some of my favorite re-reads. Also, I’d throw in some Mary Calmes and Amy Lane. Their contemporaries and fantasies are basically on ‘speed dial’ in my Kindle and book shelves.

What all the books have in common is characters I can believe in and worlds that are believable, exciting and fun. Which is what I hope to create in my own stories.

I hope you didn’t mind my rambling, but I do hope it gave you some insight into my writing process.

I also hope you’ll take a moment to check out my up-coming re-release, Why I Love Geeks. It’s been expanded, so there’s new material.

 About Why I Love Geeks 

2nd Edition

A Why I Love…. Novel

New York City Homicide Detective Chuck Davidson is a guy’s guy. He likes sports, beer, and classic cars—fancy gadgets, not so much. When yet another high-tech phone goes on the fritz, he knows he needs help, and he meets a man who loves technology as much as he hates it—cute but awkward biochemist Herbert Pommerset.

Herb’s never been with a man—not even on a date. He hides behind his research, daydreaming about what it might be like to find someone special. A malfunctioning phone causes his path to cross with a sexy older detective, and Herb wishes he’d spent less time studying science and more learning how to flirt, because he can think of some experiments he’d like to conduct with Chuck. None of his considerable intelligence is helping him express his desires to the other man.

Just when it seems they might overcome their differences, Herb’s research puts him in danger. He’s made a discovery that could cost him his life, and Chuck must use his very different talents to rescue the geek he’s coming to love.

First Edition published by Amber Quill Press/Amber Allure, 2011.


About the Author

T.A. Chase lives in the Midwest with her neurotic but still wonderful senior cat. She believes there is beauty in every kind of love, so why not live a life without boundaries? Experiencing everything the world offers fascinates T.A., and writing about the things that make each of us unique is how she shares those insights. When not writing, she’s watching movies and reading. She’s also a part of a line-dancing group that takes over a bar on Tuesday nights and entertains at assisted living homes. It’s all about living life to the fullest.


She loves hearing from fans. But don’t be too upset if she doesn’t get back to you right away. Life has a way of making her lose track of days and hours. Don’t worry, though. You will hear back at some point. 

If you would like to get a hold of me, you can email me at

My twitter: @TaChase


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