An Alisa Release Day Review: Trust and Control by Remmy Duchene


Rating:  3 stars out of 5


trust-and-control-by-remmy-ducheneWealthy real estate mogul Christophe Lafavre has everything—except any love life to speak of. Though he has a brilliant head for business, when it comes to relationships, he’s often left fumbling in the dark.


To put a stop to the whispers about his pitiful social life, Christophe takes a suggestion from a friend and goes to a club on masquerade night. There, he meets an elusive hottie who calls himself Raj, and though Christophe cannot see Raj’s face, there’s definitely a connection. Over the phone and online, Christophe and Raj get to know each other. Their conversation is easy and arousing. It’s hard for Christophe to believe the strength of the feelings he’s developing toward a man who is still essentially a stranger, but he can’t get Raj out of his head. They eventually give in to their physical longing—but still Raj refuses to show his face or divulge his identity.


When it comes, the revelation will rock Christophe’s world and redefine more than one relationship in his life.


I enjoyed this story.  I will say upfront, if others had the same thoughts I did, this book isn’t as heavy in BDSM as I thought it would be.  To me is just seemed like it was playing in the bedroom, which is fine, just not what I expected.  Christophe has never had a romantic relationship that ended well, heck he hasn’t been with anyone for years just to protect himself.  Jaswant has been Christophe’s best friend forever and has been in love with him for the same amount of time, he fears revealing his feelings will ruin their friendship.


Chris is completely confused when he meets Raj at the masquerade night; he is scared of his own reaction to the man.  While he learns a bit more about Raj he continues to think there is something familiar about him, but can’t place his finger on it.  When Chris runs away from Jas they both feel that there may be no way to fix their relationship.


I could feel Chris’s confusion and Jas’s heart break at their interactions.  When Jas disappears, just when Chris decides they can work it out, Chris goes to the one place he knows Jas would run to.  Chris pursues Jas, but continues to doubt.  The thing about that that bugged me was that Chris’s doubt’s never seemed to change and he always calls his brother to talk him through it.  I just had a hard time believing that Chris would continue to doubt after everything him and Jas went through.  At the same time Jas can’t believe it’s real either until Chris can finally say those three special words.  Overall though I enjoyed this story.


Cover art by Aaron Anderson is perfect and I wouldn’t change anything.


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Book Details:

ebook, 162 pages

Published: 2nd Edition, November 14, 2016 by Dreamspinner Press

ISBN: 9781634779111

Edition Language: English

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