Remmy Duchene on Writing and ‘Trust and Control’ (Dreamspinner Press Author Guest Blog)



Trust and Control by Remmy Duchene
reamspinner Press
Cover art by Aaron Anderson

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Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words is happy to have Remmy Duchene here today to talk about their latest novel, Trust and Control, and writing relationships. Welcome, Remmy!


Hello everyone!

My name is Remmy Duchene and I write predominantly interracial/multicultural gay romance and erotica. I am here today to show off my new book Trust and Control but I thought I’d chat about something we all look for in a relationship—trust.

Most of us have issues with this. Whether it’s from a long history of being jerked around, or one specific instant in our lives where we were hurt so bad, putting our trust in another human being seems impossible. Sure, I know what I’m talking about because I have some of the same hang-ups. From cheating to abuse, I’ve been there.

In Trust and Control, Christophe has to learn to put his faith in a man, a man he barely knows, a man who he’s never seen his face. A few tender moments on a dance floor, faces hidden behind a mask, anything in that moment is possible because there doesn’t seem to be any form of trust involved. When you break it all down, this is an important part of the flirtation, of the chase. He has to first of all, put himself out there and hope this mysterious man with the dark eyes can look at him as more than just some slut out for a good time.

Another thing about trust is this, everyone wants it but we are very unwilling to give it. I used to say, I will trust you until you give me a reason not to. But after the life I have had, the life before I turned thirteen alone was hell with people who I was supposed to trust betraying me, that saying quickly morphed into I will trust no one until they give me a reason to. It’s not a good way to live but it is hard to put your heart out there then have it stomped on repeatedly.

This is one of the lessons Christophe Lafavre will have to learn in Trust and Control. Here’s hoping this story, though naughty, can give you a little peek into what life can be when you give a little. I know I certainly learned a lot from these characters.


Remmy Duchene


About Trust and Control

Wealthy real estate mogul Christophe Lafavre has everything—except any love life to speak of. Though he has a brilliant head for business, when it comes to relationships, he’s often left fumbling in the dark.

To put a stop to the whispers about his pitiful social life, Christophe takes a suggestion from a friend and goes to a club on masquerade night. There, he meets an elusive hottie who calls himself Raj, and though Christophe cannot see Raj’s face, there’s definitely a connection. Over the phone and online, Christophe and Raj get to know each other. Their conversation is easy and arousing. It’s hard for Christophe to believe the strength of the feelings he’s developing toward a man who is still essentially a stranger, but he can’t get Raj out of his head. They eventually give in to their physical longing—but still Raj refuses to show his face or divulge his identity.

When it comes, the revelation will rock Christophe’s world and redefine more than one relationship in his life.

ebook, 2nd Edition
Expected publication: November 14th 2016 by Dreamspinner Press

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