A MelanieM Release Day Review: Not Another One Hit Wonder by J.M. Snyder

Rating: 4.25 stars out of  5

4c0df-not_another_one_hit_wonder_400x600When best friends Jamie Eckert and Derek Duran realized they were in love, they took their relationship to the next level. But then Derek’s budding music career took off, and so did Derek.

Twenty years later, Jamie still lives in the small town of Ashbury, Virginia, where he grew up. He’s grown up and moved on — now he owns the family funeral home business and is raising Riley, his precocious six-year-old adopted daughter.

But emotions Jamie thought long buried are stirred up again when he gets an early morning removal call. The deceased is Derek’s mother and Riley’s babysitter, Mrs. Duran. Now Derek’s back in town for the funeral, and he turns to Jamie for support … in more ways than one.

Angry at Derek for not keeping in touch, and angrier at himself for still loving the man who left him behind, Jamie is torn between his professional duty and his feelings for Derek. Will he be able to put aside his past with Derek to carry out Mrs. Duran’s final wishes? Or is Derek interested in rekindling their relationship after all this time?

Not Another One Hit Wonder by J.M Snyder is a warmhearted, wonderful romance.  A lovely second chance at love story, it picks up twenty years later in the lives of Jamie Eckert and Derek Duran, whose lives have taken very different paths than the ones they had envisioned as young men together.

Snyder is able to capture just the right amounts of nostalgia and bitterness in Jamie and Derek’s pov.  Oddly, enough it comes through with Derek in scenes with  Jamie, in remembering what they had, and in what has happened in the interim.  The author has  given these men layers of age and experience, weighted them down with some failures and in Jamie’s case, a daughter he adores and a family business (a mortuary) to run.  That’s another oddity in romances…a mc who’s a mortician.  Kind of liked that while appreciating that Snyder spared us the details of the business.   He gave us just enough to make Jamie and his job believable and grounded.

This is a short story but the author is able to bring all the emotion and history together for us quickly and deliver a punch.  The time frame too  is equally short. I would love to see another story to revisit this couple and see how its going with them.  I can’t help but think their path won’t be a completely easy one.  This is a realistic HFN.

I adored this story and this most lovers of contemporary romance will feel the same way.  The writing flows beautifully and easily.  Its a quick, lovely read and one I recommend.

Cover art does the story justice too. Great job.

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Book Details:

Published November 19th 2016 by JMS Books
ISBN13 9781634863001
Edition Language English

One comment

  1. Lila Leigh · November 19, 2016

    Sounds right up my alley. Adding it to my to-read list.


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