An Alisa Review: Not Your Average Man by Edward Kendrick


Rating:  4 stars out of 5


not-your-average-manI was an average man, not at all violent, until a bastard tricked my best friend into killing my lover, Mick. When that happened, with my best friend in prison for life, I took things into my own hands and killed the bastard.


Not too soon after, a man contacted me. The man Mick had worked for — as a vigilante. He convinced me to take Mick’s place, once I’d been trained to do what Mick had done.


I did. Now I’m a not so average man who might, just might, be falling in love with another vigilante. Coop Frost, to be exact. That is, if we can survive what comes next.


Edward Kendrick did a wonderful job with this story.  Zane’s life fell apart when his lover was murdered and after taking care of the problem decides to make a new in a new city.  When he meets Coop before a job they connect, but know it’s nothing more than friends, since he is still dealing with Mick’s death.


Zane has to go through a lot of soul searching and figure out what he wants to do with his life.  He gains a new friends with the people he works with, but after awhile realizes that when it comes to his personal life he is lonely.  Zane and Coop are put together for and extended job together and both flirt, but won’t do anything until they complete the job.  When Coop’s past catches up with them I loved how adamant Zane is that they take care of everything together.


The cover art is nice works well for the story.


Sales Links: JMS Books | Amazon | ARe


Book Details:

ebook, 133 pages

Published: October 22, 2016 by JMS Books

ISBN: 9781634862431

Edition Language: English

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