A Paul B Review: Enemy of My Enemy (The Executive Office #2) by Tal Bauer

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

enemy-of-my-enemy-by-tal-bauerI feel like I just binge watched a season of 24.

Tal Bauer’s second book in The Executive Office series starts out shortly after the first book left off.  President Jack Spiers, having survived a coup attempt by former General Porter Madigan, is looking to a return to normalcy.  That includes selecting a new Vice President and starting his life with Ethan Reichenbach, the former lead agent on his Secret Service detail.  Ethan, meanwhile, must adapt to his new role as First Gentleman, dealing with issues such as White House flowers and china patterns.  However, those are not the only duties the new First Gentleman will undertake.

Jack wants Madigan eliminated.  The former general has been leaving calling cards for the President as he breaks out the worst prisoners from several jails around the world.  Always seeming to be at least one step behind, Jack develops a black ops mission with Ethan in charge.  Their mission is to hunt down and kill Madigan.  However, they will find Madigan’s reach extends far beyond just the United States.

Russian President Sergey Puckkov has his own problems.  The Russian economy tanks after Puchkov has several people arrested for corruption.  In the new spirit of cooperation, Jack offers to help the Russian president.  This draws the ire of General Moroshkin of the Russian Army.  He believes that Puchkov is becoming too friendly with America and something must be done about it. 

So Madigan and Moroshkin join forces to take out their respective enemies.  Through a series of terrorist attacks, they have Jack and Sergey on their heels.  During a meeting between the two leaders in Sochi, Moroshkin makes his move staging his own coup against Puchkin.  Jack and Ethan barely escape but are surprised to find someone waiting for them at Olympic Stadium while they wait to be evacuated.  Sergey and his aid Sasha are determined to stay behind and fight the coup or die trying.

Enemy of My Enemy is just as action packed as Enemies of the State.   In that book, Jack believes he lost Ethan due to events out of his control.  This time, it is Ethan who believes he has lost Jack—not once but twice.  When the surprise that Madigan leaves for Jack in Sochi is revealed, Ethan decides he has to step away while Jack deals with the problem.  Then later an explosion threatens Jack’s life once again.  We also see a renewed romance between Adam Cooper, the leader of Ethan’s black ops team and Prince Faisel of Saudi Arabia and the unrequited love of Sasha for President Puchkin.  The book ends way too soon as we must wait for the next book to see what becomes of our six heroes and if Madigan and Moroshkin are brought to justice.

Natasha Snow delivers an excellent cover for the book.  It has our six warriors above the image of the White House.  It is a simple perfect cover for the book. 

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Book Details

EBook, 287 pages

Edition Langague:  English

Published:  October 24, 2016 by NineStar Press

ISBN:  978-1-911153-96-2

Series:  The Executive

Enemies of the State (The Executive Office #1)

Enemy of My Enemy (The Executive Office #2)

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