A VVivacious Advent Calendar Review Day 12: #ChristmasHatesYouToo by E.F. Mulder

Rating – 2 Stars out of 5
christmashatesyoutoo-by-e-f-mulderNoel Beebe is unlucky in love as can be demonstrated by the fact that he never even got to see the last guy he fell in love with. Now Noel is back on social networking sites to get another chance at love and Ethan might just be the answer.
Ethan and Noel bond over the fact that they both hate their birthdays.  So as a colossal fuck you to Christmas for ruining Noel’s birthday they spend an entire day denouncing the holiday spirit in the air. When the videos of Noel making a very good impression of Scrooge get viral on the internet, Noel is in for a world of hate. But looks like Noel’s infamy might finally get him some luck in his love life.
This story comes across as a very disjointed read. Personally I just couldn’t understand or get behind the sequence of events in this story because to me it felt like the author decided on what would happen first and then went back and thought about how this would/could further the story. So the story reads like a series of events awkwardly finishing in an ending which feels unnatural.
What I couldn’t get behind in this story was Noel’s social networking as a means to meet new people. I mean I guess it might be the new future but Noel didn’t take any precautions to safeguard his interests, I mean he gave his address to two men without verifiably knowing anything about the other two. Also I feel that the blurb of this story is misleading, I thought I was going to read a story about a guy taking revenge on Christmas for overshadowing his birthday but instead we get a guy who actually loves Christmas and is instead dragged along by another guy who wants him to denounce Christmas just for fun.
A lot of the side characters felt like an afterthought. Initially when we meet Noel he comes across as a insanely optimistic loner reeking of desperation, the kind of guy who spends all his time on social networking sites, talks to his dog like he doesn’t have anybody else to talk to and most incriminating of all spends days in an online relationship where he reveals too much information and even ends up falling in love only to have the guy vanish on him. But by the end of the story Noel has eight siblings, a best friend and even some awesome work friends who he is very close too and not only that he seems to be involved a lot in social causes and in the lives of his god-daughters. Now I don’t know about you but for me Noel’s latter characteristics seemed to oddly contradict his former ones.
Overall this story is awkward and its main character is too gullible and comes across as a push over.
Cover Art by L. C. Chase. I liked the cover a lot; it was a nice representation of the story.
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Book Details:
ebook, 66 pages
Published December 1st 2016 by Dreamspinner Press
ISBN 1635331749 (ISBN13: 9781635331745)
Edition Language English

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