In Memoriam – Eric Arvin






Eric Arvin  


We received news today that Eric Arvin passed away.  After a long battle with his illness and with amazing courage and support from his family, he’s now gone but with his stories and our memories of him, he will never be forgotten.

Eric Arvin, the amazing author of such wonderful stories such WOKE UP IN A STRANGE PLACE, THE MINGLED DESTINIES OF CROCODILES & MEN, SUBSURDITY, SIMPLE MEN, and many other incredible stories, was such a vibrant soul.   Readers got to know Eric through his writing alone or his vids.  But some of  us lucky enough to meet and get to talk to him at GRL while he was still attending, got to see the sense of humor, fun, and kindness that he always displayed.

The wildness and amazing scope of his imagination?  Ahh…well that ran free in his stories.  The Mingled Destinies of Crocodiles & Men remains one of my favorites to this day for its dark storytelling and world building.  He never shied away from the dark caverns of the mind and soul, poking and prodding at the shadows to expose the truths, using monsters and men and fantasy to stretch our minds and hearts.  But his  fiction brought love, romance and yes, humor as well.  Eric Arvin wrote it all.   He lived it too.  He will be missed.

Mingled Destinies of Crocodiles and Men cover


A GoFundMe has been set up to help with funeral expenses. If you can donate, please do.…

4 thoughts on “In Memoriam – Eric Arvin

  1. I never knew Eric personally, but his SIMPLE MEN was one of the first gay romances I read. It’s one of those stories that create flashbacks at strange moments and having a wonderful deja vu second of surprise. At that moment you realize that a piece of the author has stuck to your soul, and you rejoice. Eric lives on through those of us who appreciate his talent and are richer to have pieces of him walk with us. I wish I could have met him in person.


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