A VVivacious Review: Under My Bed by T. A. Chase

Rating: 2.5 Stars out of 5
under-my-bedTabor Augustus Gilles was planning to spend All Hallows’ Eve all on his own when a knock on his door interrupts his plans. He opens the door to find an incredibly handsome man dripping wet who goes by the name Gautier.
Gautier knows Tabor’s secret and he wants to help him but while Tabor seems to just barely tolerate this interruption to his plans, the ghosts that haunt him want Gautier out of Tabor’s life and they are ready to do anything to make that happen.
But look likes meeting Gautier has finally given Tabor the courage to fight his ghosts once and for all.
The premise of this story is inherently flawed. Tabor has been haunted since he was ten years old yet for the past fifteen years he never tried to get rid of his ghosts and neither did his mother who was haunted by the very same ghosts before him and worst of all his mother didn’t impart any knowledge about these hauntings to Tabor. I mean I really hated the women she didn’t prepare her son for the herculean task that was about to descend on him and neither did she try to get rid of the burden, if not for her sake then for her son’s. Why this point grates on my nerves is because of the fact that getting rid of the ghosts wasn’t all that challenging, physically and mentally exhausting, yes but not difficult or impossible.
So because of that, for much of the plot I am left wondering why now? Why is everything becoming unbearable now that Gautier is in the picture? I mean I get that the ghosts were getting more vicious but I found it hard to believe that Tabor accepted the burden without trying everything possible to get rid of it first. I mean the ghosts are confined to a box but he never even really tried to get rid of the box, I mean the least he tried was to leave it at home when he left for college (but his mother sent it back to him, I mean this woman is unbelievable), he never tried to bury it ten feet deep or throw it in the ocean. I mean come on if a box of ghosts was draining your life force wouldn’t you try everything and I mean everything possible to get rid of it first?
So that is the end of me railing at the plot. What I liked about this story were its main characters – Tabor and Gautier. I liked Tabor’s self-deprecating wit and even though I didn’t like the way he handled the situation, I can appreciate the strength it took to handle things as he did and still retain his sanity. Gautier was a nice change of pace for Tabor, I liked Gautier, he seemed very kind hearted and helpful and I liked how he tried to help Tabor even at the risk of bodily harm. I also quite liked the fact that he had ulterior motives and wasn’t completely innocent.
Tabor and Gautier were scorching hot together. These two were yummy together and they definitely had chemistry going for them. Since this book is spread over only two days, I feel it will be a bit hasty to label them in love but I do agree that given everything they have endured together they are well on that path.
This is a nicely written story but you kind of have to suspend your logic if you want to enjoy this properly.
Cover Art by Winterheart Design. I confess I am not a fan of covers with just two guys on them especially when they are not even interacting with each other on the cover, too trite for my tastes.
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Book Details:
Kindle Edition, 90 pages
Published October 27th 2016 by MLR Press, LLC (first published July 6th 2011)
Edition LanguageEnglish

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