A Lila Release Day Review: More Things in Heaven and Earth By Paul Comeau


Rating: 3.25 stars out of 5

more-things-in-heaven-and-earth-buildWhen young Danny Crawford’s father and a priest conspire to subject him to conversion therapy, Danny only sees one way out. But little does Danny know he’ll soon have a sentinel watching from the darkness, a guardian angel in the most unlikely form imaginable.

Damien, a vampire, is inexplicably moved by Danny’s plight. He takes it upon himself to make sure Danny’s father and the priest can never hurt him again, giving Danny a chance at a normal life. As Danny grows up, Damien struggles to keep the boy—and later the young man—from harm. He does not dare go any further, no matter how much he wants to. To do so would ruin everything he’s tried to do for Danny. He doesn’t realize that as Danny embarks on a successful modeling career and begins dating, Danny feels empty, longing for something—or someone—just beyond his reach: a shadow, a presence he despairingly believes forever lost to him.

When brutality and violence threaten Danny again, Damien must make a decision—risk revealing himself to Danny, or leave Danny to his fate.

More Things in Heaven and Earth is not what I expected after reading the blurb. At the same time, it’s more, and less. To better explain, I think these are two books trying to become one—a literary fiction story that collided with a romance novel. I would have preferred to get a HFN or a tutor & apprentice kind of ending in this story. And then, round up the romance and the rest of their future on a separate book.

Some of the scenes were too descriptive and the things Danny and Damien endured too brutal to be compensated by their flourishing relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I know life’s not easy, and many men & women had these same experiences, but it’s hard to balance them in order to enjoy the author’s main purpose.

Damien was lovely. The way his feelings for Danny developed and how he lived his life were interesting. I like that he was not a conventional vampire, and even made fun of Hollywood’s stereotypes. His protective instinct and his friendship with Danny saved the story for me. They were great together.

Danny is an interesting character; perhaps a little naïve. The story arc with his family works as part of his book, but was a bit over-the-top. I did enjoy how his relationship with his mother and sister ended.

The story is well written and I do like the author’s style. I simply had some trouble getting over some facts that seemed unnecessary at times. The ten POV changes were unnecessary as well. Some of those paragraph could have been re-written from one of the MCs’ POV. The background chapters for Danny’s parents were too much. We could had inferred the information from their actions instead of reading their narrations.

I had some questions by the end of the story, and skimmed over certain areas, but overall I like it. It took me some time to decide on a rate for it, but in the end, the parts that deserved one-star benefited from the story as a whole.

The cover by Catt Ford goes very well with the book; showing the main characters and their home.

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Book Details:

ebook, 284 pages
Published: December 30, 2016, Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 9781635331363
Edition Language: English

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