An Ali Review: Doll Baby by Kayleigh Sky

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
27b90-dollbaby_400x600_ebookTodd Rifkin has sworn off love and romance forever—until he loses his heart to a badly scarred rent boy and stumbles into a deadly game of cat and mouse with a brutal stalker out for revenge.

Struggling to make enough money to buy a friend’s bar and grill to fulfill a promise, Todd Rifkin vows to let nothing stand in his way. Nothing, that is, until a friend’s call for help. Bailing his friend out of trouble might cost Todd his dream. Now he is scrambling to make up the loss and reluctantly takes on the job of errand boy for his boss’ spoiled ex-lover.

Bliss Busby has no memory of the attack that scarred his face. Scared and reclusive, he has no interest in Todd’s intrusion into his life. No interest, that is, until somebody starts scattering cinnamon hearts at his door. Now Todd is the only one standing between Bliss and a mysterious stalker.

Years ago, Todd lost the love of his life in a violent twist of fate. After a night with a knife-wielding maniac, Bliss lost everything. Thrown together by circumstance, Todd and Bliss must unite to battle a hidden force from the past. As Bliss struggles to remember the assault that wrecked his life, and Todd struggles to solve the mystery of an attacker that is closer than either of them realizes, their reluctant friendship becomes a passionate and erotic love that just might have the power to heal their wounded hearts.

If they live.
This was a new author to me and unfortunately I did not click with her writing style.  Some of it is abstract and I struggled to understand what was going on in some scenes.  I found myself rereading many parts because suddenly a character would appear and I wasn’t sure when they came in or they would reach for something but I didn’t know how that item came around them.  It reminded me of the story telling style for Fight Club. I got the general gist of the story but was constantly trying to play catch up on the details and wondering how we got from place A to place B in the story.
I also struggled with the characters.  I like that she made them non-traditional but it went a little too far for me.  I actually disliked them all.  They were way too morally ambiguous for my liking.  Todd was the best of the bunch but even he was kind of gross.  I’m ok with morally bankrupt characters in other genres but I really like my romance characters to be decent people. 
Unfortunately this did not work for me and I can’t see myself recommending it.  If you like stories that are pretty outside the box though this might be one for you to try.
Cover:  I like the cover and it fits well with the beginning of the story and a major plot point.
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Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 330 pages
Published January 7th 2017 by Kiss Drunk Books
Edition LanguageEnglish

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