A MelanieM Review: The New Wolf (Building The Pack #1) by R.J. Scott


Rating: 2.75 stars out of 5

the-new-wolfA dangerous lone wolf is intent on destroying the beginnings of a pack and when Connor is attacked and near death, there is only one thing that can save him. A wolf shifter’s bite.

N.B. Originally published through Extasy Publishing, this edition features the same story with new cover art.


After a hate crime leaves one of them near dead, Veterinarian, Josh Nolan and Cop, Connor Vincent are starting a new life in Black Creek, a remote town on the edge of the Green Mountains Park, Vermont.

Josh is taking over his grandfather’s practice and Connor settles into working in the sheriff’s office covering the area.

When Connor pieces together a whole list of unsolved crimes going back fifty years he puts his life, and that of his partners, in danger.

A dangerous lone wolf is intent on destroying the beginnings of a pack and when Connor is attacked and near death there is only one thing that can save him. A wolf shifter’s bite.

I love RJ Scott, she and her stories are an immediate Must Buy/Must Read for me.  They are normally so well pulled together, cohesive, the characters as well thought out as her plots.  They make sense, emotionally, rationally even when you are  playing around with the supernatural.  Yet that doesn’t occur here in The New Wolf it pains me to say.

I love the plot.  After an attack on couple veterinarian Josh Nolan and police officer Connor Vincent (it was Vincent left hospitalized), both are starting a new life in the country, something that’s taking a major adjustment for Connor, the former city cop.

That’s where the problem  with the narrative is.  You get a hint that the balance of power in the relationship, maybe a D/s  is Josh is the Dom and Connor is a submissive but that doesn’t really go anywhere for long.  There’s too much that the author wants to accomplish in a small amount of length. So plot points start getting dropped in favor of all the many threads Scott wants to see introduced for the books down the road.

Connor is a cop who’s been involved in a near death attack.  He’s having PTSD issues (not really addressed here). Yet they move to the country where, yes, he’s attacked (its in the blurb) and almost killed.  So you would think two attacks would leave him shattered.  That would be at least close to realistic yet its brushed over in a way that astonished me considering its R.J. Scott.  The lack of depth when dealing with his attacks and the ramifications it would have on such a man and his relationships floor me.  Then comes the realization.  Where’s the anger?  There is no believable realistic emotions here.  Its like, ok, I’m a werewolf.  Its so surprising in its utter lack of foundation in this character’s makeup or storyline.  It almost made me look at the cover again to double check the author.

How the local police department handled it.  Much worse.  You can pretty much guess the scenario.  There are huge holes in the plot, a cliffhanger as to a killer on the loose, and a relationship that should be in pieces seems ok.  It just didn’t make a whole lot of sense when looked at as a whole.  Trouble is, I loved the beginning.  It has such promise.  Before it degenerated into a sort of supernatural mess.

So, don’t know what to tell you.  I loved half a book. Or less.  I’ll leave whether or not you want to read it, up to you.

Cover art by Meredith Russell is terrific.  Strong and dramatic. Love it.

Buy Links:

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2jseies

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2jUYgGJ

Book Details:

Kindle Edition
Published January 16th 2017 by Love Lane Books Ltd (first published August 1st 2013)
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesBuilding The Pack #1
CharactersJosh Nolan, Connor Vincent settingBlack Creek, Vermont (United States)

Word Count: 25,500

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