A Stella Release Day Review: Nachos & Hash (Mary’s Boys Novella One) by Brandon Witt


RATING: 4.5 out of 5 stars

nachoshash_postcard_front_dspDarwin Michaels is living his dreams in the Mile High City. While Denver offers the perfect job, scrumptious dining, and whirlwind dating options, Darwin is losing hope he’ll find the right man to spark his interest for more than a one-night stand—until he sets eyes on Cody Russell.

Cody has just accomplished his life’s goal—get the hell out of Kansas. In one fell swoop, he lands a job at Hamburger Mary’s and gets a newfound family and the chance to be with other gay people! All that’s missing is someone special. But when Darwin shows his interest, Cody is sure it’s too good to be true. After all, what can Darwin possibly see in the high school dropout serving him nachos?

As Darwin falls in love, Cody struggles to realize his worth. When his past threatens the fragile life he is building, Cody spirals into a moment of dark desperation. But Darwin is determined to show Cody that love and family and home are there for him… will Cody accept what is offered?

Darwin is on a cheap date with (the awful) Mark and after two seconds with the boring and nonsense man found on Match.com, he starts planning his escape until ManDonna helps him getting rid of his date. While swearing off online dates, Cody happens in his life. Cody, the waiter who can’t shut up for a moment. Cody  who has just moved to Denver where he is living his dream, go away from Kansas and finally be himself in a safe place like Hamburger Mary’s with people who actually care for him. Darwin has everything he wishes from his life except a boyfriend, a real one, someone to find a HEA with and Cody seems to be the right one.

Brandon Witt is one of my favorite authors, I adored everything he wrote so far, this novella, the beginning of a new series called Mary’s Boy was awesome in the writing, in the dialogues, in the setting, in the characters. I loved not just Cody and Darwin, but most of all the second characters, like Pat and Stevens, the owner, who have become Cody’s new family.

In Nachos & Hash I truly adored how I soon and easily was able to feel and see the love between all the characters. It wasn’t necessary the use of “I love you”, it was clear in their thoughts, words, actions. I saw their strength, I sadly saw their weaknesses and their unfounded inadequacy.

As always, Brandon entertained me with an emotional reading full of  real persons. I can’t wait for the next installment in this series, I’m so excited for Vahin to have his own HEA.

The cover art by AngstyG is lovely, I like it.

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Kindle Edition, 122 pages

Expected publication: January 25th 2017 by Dreamspinner Press


Edition Language English

Series Mary’s Boy #1

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