A Lila Review: Soothsayer by Cari Z.


Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5

soothsayer-by-cari-zCillian Kelly can look into people’s eyes and see their fates. He’s running from a past filled with mistakes, lying low and selling his services on the sly. When he learns that Sören Egilsson, a man who sacrificed himself so Cillian could escape imprisonment two years ago, is somehow still alive, Cillian has to find out how. What he gets is the body of the man he loves possessed by an ancient spirit who draws Cillian into a battle to the death for the right to control Sören’s fate, and the power that comes with it.

Soothsayer is not a traditional romance. It’s the embodiment of doing something in the name of love. With the added bonus of learning how the main characters reached that point in their relationship. Their love story is beautiful but unconventional.

The book is narrated by Cillian in the first person. We see what he sees and experienced all his emotions. Even so, Cillian doesn’t get lost in internal monologues or “I’m not good enough” rants. He knows his place in the world and accepts what faith had chosen for him. That doesn’t mean that he’d not do everything in his power to align things in his favor.

From the start, we are part of Cillian’s alter universe. He can be any tattooed guy walking around us. The world as we know it is the main setting, but the psychic current giving life to the characters exists in an underground civilization. They’re in touch with a different reality, and their abilities are a representation of that evolution. There are several terms to follow and different legends to learn about. And a good amount of suspension of disbelief is necessary, even for a paranormal story.

Character introductions take the beginning of the story and can be a bit too long but necessary. As well as seeing Cillian in action. But all those events and circumstances have a role later in the story. It takes a while for the main characters [Cillian & the Spirit] to interact, and even longer for the main couple [Cillian & Sören].

The author did good balancing the amount of travel time and the events around it. Most stops are entertaining and the Spirit adds the necessary comedic relief. A lot of the twists and turns are kept hidden away from everyone, including the reader.  The way the story resolution is achieved isn’t easily assumed. At least not completely, making the reader want to read faster.

Overall, this is a nice story to read if you are looking for a different interpretation of paranormals and alternative universes. Soothsayer is different from other books and creates a niche of its own. The book has a solid HFN with the possibility for more stories, but there aren’t necessary. What we get is enough to satisfy the reader.

Natasha Snow did a good job representing Cillian and his trip around the country.

Sale Links: NineStar | Amazon | Nook

ebook, 184 pages
Published: January 30, 2017, NineStar Press
ISBN: 9781945952524
Edition Language: English

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