An Alisa Release Day Review: Buyout by Dev Bentham


Rating:  4 stars out of 5


buyout-a-love-storyEveryone deserves a second chance. Or do they? Sean and Martim fell in love at Harvard. Things broke apart when Martim fell into a downward spiral of addiction after his father died. Sean kicked him out but has regretted it ever since. He’s never gotten over losing Martim. But then, not many aspects of his life have lived up to his collegiate dreams.


When he’s sent to evaluate Martim’s family hotel for foreclosure, Sean is once again in the position to put Martim out on the street. In the time since they parted, Martim has pulled himself together, although both health and financial problems linger as a result of his years as an addict. Can the two men bridge the gap of distance and time to rekindle their relationship, or will they fall apart again under the burdens of guilt and disease?


Set in Lisbon, Portugal, this is the story of lovers reunited after more than a decade apart, and their second chance at romance.


I really enjoyed this story.  Sean realized he has never really moved on from Martim and tries to make up for his guilt of kicking him out by paying for things for his string of young lovers.  Just when he is beginning to reflect on how his life has turned out he is sent to Martim’s family hotel and is forced to see his ex lover after ten years.


I’m not sure about Sean’s family, but Martim’s has always been important to him, he even brought Sean to meet them when they were in college.  We can easily see the bitterness both of them hold about their past in their interactions.  We can see the guilt Sean is holding onto and how he feels about having to do what his job requires.  Even when he finds a way to help he doesn’t feel that it will make what happened before better until he realizes that he doesn’t have anything left to lose if he just takes a chance.


Cover art by Catt Ford is nice and gives a great visual of our characters.


Sales Links: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon | B&N


Book Details:

ebook, 69 pages

Published: February 8, 2017 by Dreamspinner Press

ISBN-13: 9781635333022

Edition Language: English

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