A Lila Review: A-dork-able by J.D. Walker


Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

a-dork-able-by-j-d-walkerAlister Redgrave knows he’s a dork. He dresses in ill-fitting suits and trips over imaginary obstacles constantly; then there’s his Star Trek underwear. Still, he hopes to find the love of his life one day. And when he meets Jaiden Greyson, the new Assistant CFO in the Finance department, Alister knows he’s found his dream guy. Except, Alister makes a fool of himself repeatedly in front of Jaiden and decides he doesn’t have a chance in hell.

Jaiden Greyson doesn’t know what to make of Alister when he meets him. A more klutzy guy had never existed. But despite all that, there’s something about the man that draws him in, and he’s determined to find out what it is, no matter the antics of a jealous coworker intent on ruining everything.

Jaiden has Alister in his sights, and Alister won’t know what hit him, in the best sense.

A-dork-able is a sweet & simple story. It’s a fast tale that reads like a diary confession more than a drama-filled story. Alister does an excellent job as a narrator even when he gets lost at times. I wanted more from Jaiden but that’s one of the shortcomings of a short story.

The plot is predictable but it works. The author gave the characters enough depth to get the reader to want more, but at the same time, allowing the story to move at a quick pace. Alister’s mishaps might sound a bit over the top but the light weight of the story is enough to make them seem as an endearing quirk.

The main characters are thirty-seven and forty-one, something that I love. They’re comfortable with their sexuality and sure of what they wanted in a partner. They have good chemistry and their work relationship isn’t a concern to their love life. It brought them together.

Yes, there are some miscommunications, awkward moments, and a couple of things that might not work out of fiction, but overall, this is a good short story. A quick read for a quiet afternoon or to read between two longer stories.

The cover by Written In Designs is cute but I don’t see the characters in it. Well, personality-wise, that is, the clothing it’s up to par.

Sale Links: JMS Books | Amazon | Nook

Book Details:

ebook, 38 pages

Published: January 21, 2017, by JMS Books
ISBN: 9781634863186
Edition Language: English

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