A PaulB Review: Max (Demon Elite 7) by April Kelley


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

max-demon-elite-7-by-april-kelleyThe men of the Demon Elite team are closing in on Victoria Mize.  Will the man whom Victoria is trying to frame for her crimes be able to help?

Sydney Marshall is an assassin, like most of the Demon Elite squad.  However, his past is being used against him.  Word on the street is that he is behind the sex trafficking operation that is actually run by Demon Elite’s former boss, Victoria Mize.  His only “friend” is his informant Twiggy the drug addict.  He knows that talking to Max from the Demon Elite squad is a stupid move, but he has no one else he can trust.

Max Shaw knows talking to Sydney is a bad idea.  First, he associates with the wrong element in Chicago.  Sydney should be in jail for his crimes.  However, he might be the one piece that is needed to finally take down Victoria.  He cannot be THAT bad if she thinks he’s an easy target to frame.  Talking to Sydney, he finds that he might actually like the guy—well enough for a roll in the hay.  After all, Max does not do relationships. 

When Sydney finds out that Victoria’s main goon is looking for him, he realizes that he needs to get to Max as soon as possible.   Hotwiring a car, he makes his way to the lakeshore retreat that houses Demon Elite.  Arriving at the compound, he faces several guns pointed at him.  Max rescues him and tells Jared, (the boss) that is Sydney is turned away then he will resign from the team.  Some of the team unhappily deal with the situation.  When the team comes up with a plan to use Sydney to lure the goon out, he agrees.  However, his friend Twiggy has been kidnapped and the team must spring to action immediately.  They need to protect Sydney and save the one man Sydney has counted on over the past few years.

As usual, this is another thrill ride into the land of assassins by Ms Kelley.  As the story, and the number of unmatched Demon Elite team mates, winds down, the anticipation of the final showdown with Victoria builds.  I have to feel for Max.  His parents divorced while his was young.  His mother never formed another meaningful relationship which helps form Max’s aversion to them.  His father on the other hand has recently lost his partner a couple of years ago and is reeling from it.  Max must deal with these mixed examples in order to open his heart to Sydney. 

The cover art by Latrisha Waters is the standard outstanding cover for the series.  A well-muscled Max stands alone in his tee shirt with the Demon Elite crest in the corner. 

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Book Details

Ebook, 102 pages

Edition Language:  English

Published:  October 24, 2016 by eXtasy Books

ISBN:  978-1-4874-0900-5

Series:  Demon Elite

Crash (Demon Elite #1)

Wolf (Demon Elite #2)

Cosmo (Demon Elite #3)

Tanner & Shade (Demon Elite #4)

Ashley (Demon Elite #5)

Germ (Demon Elite #6)

Max (Demon Elite #7)

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