A VVivacious Pre-Release Review: Unconditionally by Nell Iris



Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5


unconditionally-by-nell-irisLuca and Gus are getting married. But when Luca’s mother violently criticises Luca’s wedding attire, a flood of uncertainty hits Luca and he runs. Now it’s up to Gus to find and convince Luca that he has nothing to be ashamed of and to convince him to return to the wedding dressed just as he wants to be.


This is a short story which takes us through three moments in the life of Luca and Gus. The first being the moment they met, the second and most significant one being their wedding day and a third moment which constitutes the epilogue.


This is a short and sweet story. It is very well written and makes for a fun and enjoyable read. I liked the premise of the story which was basically about accepting who you are but I really appreciated the unique way it was applied to the story, with the choice of clothing forming a big part of the narrative.


Luca is flamboyant and prefers to wear androgynous clothing. Despite the fact that we see him at his most insecure, I could appreciate the quiet strength about him. He actually came across as someone comfortable in his skin and confident. Then there was Gus who was such an unassuming character but I loved his integrity and this quiet dignity he had about himself.


Luca and Gus made for a handsome couple. I really think they complemented each other well and that they would make it.


What I found weird about this story was that despite Luca and Gus being so close to each other, for some reason Gus is completely unaware of Luca’s history with his mother who has never been able to treat him with the respect he deserves and somehow Gus was able to miss this fact for going on six years. Now this fact makes me question Gus and Luca and how well they truly know each other as compared to how they are projected to be. While giving someone time to tell you the details is one thing, having not picked up on the vibe at all seems unrealistic.


This story is a nice read and it is written flawlessly making for an enjoyable, short and sweet read.


Cover Art by Written Ink Designs. I actually really like the cover especially with the rings placed just so at the bottom and the font for “Unconditionally” which really complements the cover design. I even like the two men wearing formal suits who appear to have just gotten married but I wonder, considering, how a particular wedding attire is the trigger for the whole plot, if it was wise to have the two men on the cover dressed otherwise.

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Expected publication: March 4th 2017 by JMS Books LLC admin@jms-books.com

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