In Our Recent Release Spotlight: My Paradise is You (World of Love) by Lucie Archer (exclusive excerpt and giveaway)


My Paradise is You (World of Love) by Lucie Archer
reamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Bree Archer

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Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words is happy to host Lucie Archer here today on tour for her latest novella, My Paradise Is You.


Hello everyone! I brought with me an exclusive excerpt from my World of Love novella, My Paradise Is You.

This scene takes place on day 2 of 10 on the island, so Marc and Ian are still feeling each other out. It’s one of my favorite scenes because it really highlights how different they are on the surface as well as their rocky start. Plus I just love Marc’s tattoos. Hope you enjoy.



When two very different men are stranded on a deserted island, will opposites attract, or will they end up killing each other—if the elements don’t get them first?

Marc Reed is an expert scuba diver and leads underwater tours of the infamous shipwrecks scattered around Bermuda. When a robbery forces him and his boss’s son—a man he despises on principle—to take shelter on an uncharted island, he might have to reassess his opinion of the spoiled snob.

Ian Blythe-Darcy II lives a life most would envy. He’s a trust-fund kid being groomed to take over his father’s empire of hotels and resorts. But it’s not a life that matches what’s in his heart. He’s in the closet and engaged to a socialite he doesn’t love, but he’s about to get a crash course in being true to himself—and maybe learn money can’t buy happiness after all.


Marc put his toes in the spring and shivered. The tree canopy kept the water chilled, but he couldn’t wait to dive in. “’S cold.”

“Feels amazing once you’re in,” Ian assured him. Not that he needed to; Marc had already made up his mind.

He peeled off his sweat-drenched shirt and tossed it on a rock and then pushed his swimsuit down his thighs. He had to smirk when Ian made an undignified choking noise. He must not have anticipated Marc’s lack of modesty. Without a word, he waded into the pool, leaving Ian behind at the water’s edge.

“Blow me?” Ian finally stammered.

Marc looked back and wasn’t surprised to see him staring at his ass. He had a watercolor tattoo of a blowfish on the right cheek, with the words Blow Me written on the other. “Wicked, huh?”

Ian looked down at his feet before taking off his shirt. “It’s, uh, nice.”

Marc eyed him as he fiddled with the hem of his trunks, thumb brushing over the tattoo on his hip. “What’s yours?” he asked.

Ian pulled up the hem. “It’s nothing.”

Marc didn’t push. If Ian didn’t want to show him his tattoo, that was his choice. “Do you want me to turn around?”

Ian must have decided against skinny-dipping, which slightly disappointed Marc. “No need,” he said as he waded into the water.

Marc stretched out and let his feet float to the surface, his head drifting back as he closed his eyes. The white noise from the waterfall had his bones relaxing for the first time in days. He needed a vacation, and he couldn’t have gotten any closer to paradise than one of Bermuda’s many islands.

“Can I ask you a personal question?” Ian asked, breaking the silence.

“Depends on the question.”

“You said your ex was a he, so that would make you—”

“Sooo gay… is that a problem? Because I declared this island gay friendly when I conquered it.”

“No, no problem. I was just curious.” Ian chuckled. “You seem so casual about it.”

“Why shouldn’t I be? It’s no different than being straight. Aren’t you casual?”

“I’m not gay!” Ian spat.

“I just assumed you were from that rainbow tattoo on your hip.”

“I have a fiancée. She’s a she.”

Marc scoffed. “Okay, then.” The accuracy of his gaydar could lead him to the only gay guy in a sea full of straights like he was magnetic north, but if Ian insisted he was straight, then that was something else Marc didn’t intend to push. He knew better than to force anyone out of the closet who wasn’t ready. He’d seen that happen to a friend of his, and he didn’t approve.

Marc attempted to change the subject. “I have a jellyfish on my ankle. In case you hadn’t noticed.” He leaned back and lifted his foot out of the water so Ian could see it.

“It’s really beautiful.”

They continued swimming in silence for a while, Marc content to float there for hours. Ian cleared his throat, and it threw off his balance, causing him to right himself again.

“It’s… a seahorse,” Ian said.


“I don’t usually show people. It’s kind of personal.”

“I didn’t mean to pry, just saw it.”

“Kind of hard to miss, I suppose. I got it when I turned eighteen to symbolize being free from my father’s rule. Guess he didn’t get the memo.”

Marc shook his head. “What is it with you two?”

“What do you mean?”

“You work for him, right? You don’t exactly come off as happy with your day job, so why not quit?”

“It’s not that simple.” Ian sighed.

“The money’s too good, huh?”

“You don’t know anything about me!” Ian huffed, his brow scrunching up into a wrinkled mess. “We’ve known each other all of one day, so don’t you sit there and presume that you do.”

“You’re right, I don’t… or maybe the truth hurts.” Marc shrugged before sinking down under the water. When he came back up, Ian had stormed toward the bank, his heavy footsteps stirring up the water in his wake. “Dammit,” he chided himself. They’d just made up and he’d managed to piss him off once again. “I’m sorry.”

Ian’s response came in the form of two fingers held up in what Marc thought to be a peace sign.


“Stupid American,” Ian spat, folding down one finger until only his middle finger remained. “Better?”

“Well, yeah. If you’re going to flip someone off, at least do it right.”

How about that snark! I love it. For more, be sure to pick up My Paradise Is You.

Meet Lucie!

Lucie Archer is a student of the universe who is obsessed with the stars, in love with beaches, and crazy about dudes falling in love. She tells stories of romance, love, and life, with a little bit of passion thrown in for good measure. Because what’s life without a little pop and sizzle?

When she’s not writing, she can be found tending to her garden, playing with her four-legged children, or procrastinating. Although, she spends a lot of time fending off random plot bunnies that threaten to derail her WIP’s.


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