A Stella Review: Beneath the Stars by Lynn Charles


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

On the cusp of launching his fashion line for transmen and butch women, Sid Marneaux receives a life-altering phone call. His father, who raised his family alone, is in failing health. As he returns home, he wonders if he could lose the business he has spent most of his adult life building.

What he could not have anticipated was meeting Eddie Garner, the city’s new fire chief. After a heroic rescue, their romance sparks hot, launching into a swift affair. But Eddie is harboring his own burdens: the painful death of his best friend and the responsibility of raising her young son—their son—Adrian.

Through the wisdom of a child and the connection of mothers-now-gone, Sid, Eddie and Adrian venture and fumble to define family, career, and most importantly, love.

Oh the joy of reading Beneath the Stars! It filled my heart with so many feelings, it was  impossible not to love it. I had already appreciated Lynn Charles in Black Dust, that’s why I was curious about this new release.

I loved everything in this novel. Let’s start with the characters. Eddie and Sid are simply beautiful people and together they are awesome. Both of them are real, their stories are real, messy, sad, like ours are. I soon emphasized with them and their struggle, I wanted to hug them from the start till the ending. Then there is Adrian, a force of nature, a little boy who has just lost his mum, a great woman. He simply took my heart. He is probably too smart for his age but his cuteness was the icing on the cake for reader like me who love books with children in the plot. And all the secondary characters are well done too, all of them positive, all of them well depicted.

The romance part was balanced with all the rest that was happening in Eddie and Sid’s lives when they met and knew something was going to be born between them. In a story like this, the author did a great work with a story believable and a brilliant writing that made the reading fly easily and dialogues engaging. In a way this was not an easy book to read, it’s too close to some themes I particularly care for, events I went through, losses I had. And so I cried a lot. But the tears were neutralized by certain emotions and laughs.

Beneath The Stars is a winner, the story is strong and solid, I want to highly recommend it. The author has quickly became one of my favorites.

The cover art by CB Messer is simply beautiful, this artist is a guarantee of very well done and most of all fitting covers.

Sales Links

Interlude Press


Published February 16th 2017 by Interlude Press

Kindle Edition, 300 pages


Edition Language English

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