An Alisa Release Day Review: Running with the Moon by Kiernan Kelly


Rating:  4 stars out of 5


Heart of the Wolf

What happens when a veterinarian ends up a patient in his own animal clinic?


Dr. Dae Anderson needs to lose the deadbeat boyfriend who is holding him back, but Jack is determined to hang on to Dae—even if he has to resort to violence.


Dae has worked hard to fit in among humans, and if his secret gets out, he’ll lose everything. His veterinary assistant, Sean, might be just the man to stand with Dae… against Jack and the world.


Courage of the Wolf

The most painful changes don’t involve the shape of the body, but of the heart….


Just as Dae and Sean are settling in to life as a couple, Dae is contacted by his brother, who still lives with his former pack and who exiled him for being gay.


If he refuses to return to Wyoming, a sociopathic alpha will slaughter Dae’s family one member at a time. And deep down, Dae knows he must confront his past before he can truly have a loving future with Sean. First, they have to stay alive.


I enjoyed both of these stories.  Dae has been in a continuous self depreciating relationship with Jack, a user and cheater.  He hasn’t had anyone who really wanted him since he was kicked out of his former pack for being gay.  When he is hurt it he has to take the chance and show Sean his one big secret and hope he doesn’t run.


I loved both of these characters and how open they were with each other once the walls were broken down.  Dae is more innocent in his personal life as he has never really had a real relationship because his one with Jack wasn’t.  Sean has been hiding his feelings for Dae for years working beside him and when he is given the opportunity for his dreams to come true he grabs on with both hands.


We see everything from both characters’ points of view so we aren’t guessing what each person is thinking.  Dae and Sean know that they are stronger together and support each other; it is so easy to see how much they care for the other and will do anything for them.  I was glad to see Dae finally get some closure with his family when they contact him.  It was wonderful seeing Dae and Sean’s relationship grow in the second story and get the chance to make a family of their own.


Cover art by Paul Richmond is great and I love it.


Sales Links: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon | B&N


Book Details:

ebook, 140 pages

Published: 2nd edition, March 15, 2017 by Dreamspinner Press

ISBN: 9781635333435

Edition Language: English

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