A Stella Review: Spark to the Heart (Parkerburg series #4) by Lee Brazil & Havan Fellows


RATING 3 out of 5 stars

As a misguided youth, Rosy loved being that kid in Parkerburg—you know the one that everybody swears will end up in jail or comatose—until one summer day on the back roads of town when two lives came to a screeching halt.

Thirteen years later, Rosy owns the local pub on Maple Street and makes a good show of how he’s recovered from tragedy. He even convinces himself…until he meets the new man in town and realizes just how okay he isn’t. With the demons of his fatal past still stalking him, Rosy has no idea how to switch from simply existing to actually living.

Angus “Jet” Manheim—famous for his smooth, sexy voice and notorious for his hard partying ways—sped through most of his adult life on stage and in the recording studio. Sober and retired to the quaint New England town of Parkerburg, Jet’s ready to slow his soundtrack…until his compelling neighbor—a grumbling, muscular mountain of a man with an odd name—ups the tempo.

Frequently absentminded, Jet finds Rosy an easy object of focus, a solid center around which Jet hopes to build a future. But retirement isn’t easy. The entertainment industry doesn’t stop knocking just because you hang a do not disturb sign.

When Rosy’s and Jet’s pasts try to harmonize with their present, they might have to decide whether the chorus is worth repeating.

The Hearts of Parkerburg stories can be read as standalones, each with a HEA…but trust me, you’ll want to read about all the sweet happenings in this quaint little town.

This new installment in the Hearts Of Parkerburg series by Lee Brazil and Havan Fellows didn’t satisfy me as the previous one, Fire of the Heart, did. I probably will be in the minority with my review, but this novel is a barely three stars to me. And the reason I barely liked the story can be found in the lack of feelings between the MCs. I’m very easy to please in my reading, just give me some love and a happy ending and I’m a happy girl. When I miss one of these two elements, I can’t give a higher rating to the book.

Although it’s part of a series, Spark of the Heart works as a standalone, so start this series wherever you prefer. I read the blurb and I liked it, I read the story and I liked the idea, the general plot, the characters are all complex and with heavy backgrounds, they are real and enjoyable, just how I need my characters to be. I adored the fact the story isn’t focused on just the MCs but there are secondary ones like Brian and Bas, which I would love to know more about. I liked the setting and the good writing, (that’s the main reason I gave the book a three stars, because it is very well written) made me picturing the places, the shops, the atmosphere, in my mind with an easiness hard to find.

That said, as I previously anticipated, I missed something. Apart from the physical attraction, clear and hot, I couldn’t feel more between the MCs. Almost to the end, when Jet said Rosy he loved him, I was taken aback. Throughout all the story I saw nothing, just a sex interest and no more. It puzzled me and made the ending rushed through an unexpected HEA.

Still, I hope the authors will give me more stories on some characters I found in Spark of the Heart and loved.

The cover art by Author Services follows the theme of the other covers and I like it, simple and romantic.

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Ebook 215 pages

Published March 1st 2017 by Appleton Publishing Avenue

ISBN 13 9781370649815

Edition Language English

Hearts of Parkerburg series

Christmas in His Heart  #1

Heart on the Run #2

Fire of the Heart #3

Spark to the Heart #4

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