A VVivacious Review: An Officer’s Submission (Cuffs, Collars, and Love #3) by Christa Tomlinson

Rating: 5 stars out of 5
Logan and Clay have finally found their places in their relationship.
But while things at home are better than good their life at work undergoes an upheaval. This serves to bring old doubts to the forefront of Clay’s mind but when an incident at work destroys his bubble of happiness, he is lost. As he works out how to deal with things while simultaneously keeping Logan in the dark things start going bad fast. Can their relationship survive these troubled waters and at what cost?
This book is amazing. It is a fabulous addition to a series that was already brilliant. I love this series so much and this book is my favourite one in this series.
Though I have to confess that, when I started reading this book I wasn’t feeling so good about it. This is because of three reasons. Firstly because I really thought that Logan and Clay would be much further along in their relationship. Secondly the beginning of this book is just a lot of sex scenes which don’t do much for story progression or so I thought. Thirdly this book features the alternating POVs of Logan and Clay and early on in the book the POVs where changing quite frequently often in the middle of a scene which was quite disconcerting. For all the above reasons I stopped reading this book around the 20% mark.
But luckily for me, from that point on the book is a treasure and when I started reading the book from this point on I couldn’t stop, I read the rest of it in a single setting without any breaks. Oh My God! This book is amazing, it was just so good and believe me my entire opinion on this book took a one eighty twist. Urgh! This book is just so good.
I think the initial series of sex scenes is basically a parameter to measure how off base Logan and Clay’s relationship had gotten following the events of this book. Also this book shows Logan and Clay’s relationship visibly move forward, which I loved because I wanted these two characters together since they are amazing together.
There are so many scenes in this book which were just amazing, just because there was such a wealth of emotion suffused in some of the dialogue that I had to read those parts of the book again just to get my fill. The Shibari scene early on in the book is where things changed for me in this book. But personally my all-time favourite part of this book was the scene featuring Logan and Clay during therapy, that scene was epic on so many levels. It saw their relationship mature and that scene is just crucial in getting all the events in this book into perspective. The punishment scene is hot, I mean there are no other words for it except maybe ingenious and innovative and Logan is a genius for figuring out the perfect way to mete out punishment, amazing. Also I love the scene in the bathroom following the altercation. This book has so many good things happening for it. This book just gave me so many feels that it took me over a day to get myself into a place where I could finally try to turn those feelings into words.
Personally I already loved the characters and their relationship from “The Sergeant” but this time around I got to love these characters even more. The plot is so amazingly written and it is so engrossing, it was a whole new twist on everything. What I loved about the plot was that it was something so troubling but it was presented and dealt with really well given the circumstances and moreover what I loved was how well the plot was used to make us see these characters in a new light.
In short, loved the book, loved the plot and adored Logan & Clay. It was simply amazing and it was a fantabulous addition to an already pretty great series.
Cover Art by Melody Simmons of eBook Indie Covers. The cover is amazing.
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Book Details:
Kindle Edition
Published March 15th 2017 by Torlina Publishing
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesCuffs, Collars, and Love #3

One thought on “A VVivacious Review: An Officer’s Submission (Cuffs, Collars, and Love #3) by Christa Tomlinson

  1. Thank you for the wonderful review for An Officer’s Submission! I truly appreciate it. And you are right on the nose with the early sexy times serving as a parameter. 😉


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