A VVivacious Review: Norwegian Woody (Let it Beatle #4) by J.D. Walker

Rating: 3.5 Stars out of 5
Woodrow Anker lost his parents at the age of three, following which he was raised by the Zumpanos along with their three children – Helen, Rafe and Serge. He became very good friends with Serge but it was Rafe that he looked up to. But now almost thirty, Woody’s once close relationship with Rafe has dissolved into awkward silences and unvoiced hurts made worse by Rafe’s alcoholism. Will their relationship mend or will the feelings they have for one another remain silent forever?
I liked the story. It was a short and steamy read. It is written in a very engaging manner. The build-up to the story is very precise and makes for a solid foundation for the story to rest on. The beginning of the story really hooks you in such a way that you won’t pause till you have reached the last page.
There is a lot of depth to the characters of this story and all of them made this story even more interesting. In a way reading these characters felt like revisiting someone you already knew instead of being introduced to a stranger for the first time.
Personally for me the only hitch in the story is the power dynamics, there is a definite D/s element to Rafe and Woody’s relationship even though it is not verbalized and mostly unacknowledged. Now this was the one part of the story that just hit me sideways, there was no foreshadowing to this aspect of the story, so when it was introduced I was a little off-kilter. I felt like the author deliberately avoided talking about Woody’s feelings for Rafe as a child for some reason, but considering what their relationship is developing into, I find myself very curious as to how Woody realized these aspects of his sexuality. But the off-kilter feeling only lasted so long because the sex scenes in this short were mind-blowingly hot.
Overall this was an amazing read.
Cover Art by Written Ink Designs. The cover for this story is unapologetically hot and I may have had a case of judging a book by its cover but it was totally worth it. Amazing Cover. Amazing Story.
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Book Details:
Kindle Edition, 45 pages
Published March 11th 2017 by JMS Books LLC
SeriesLet it Beatle #4

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