An Alisa Release Day Review: Brush with Catastrophe (The Aloysius Tales #2) by Tara Lain


Rating: 3 stars out of 5


Sammy Raphael is a crappy witch, and on top of that, he can’t seem to get a boyfriend. Where other supernaturals can bring down lightning and manifest wealth, Sammy can paint. Granted, the “prophetic” paintings he creates at night always come true, but they never predict anything important. Sammy feels like a total loser with a worthless ability.


One night he paints a gorgeous guy who turns out to be his secret crush, the human Ryder, but Ryder’s changed so much he’s almost unrecognizably beautiful. Then Sammy paints an angel who turns out to be a witch. But is that witch also a devil—a devil who can bring down Sammy’s whole community and everyone he loves? And why the hell does Ryder keep changing? Aloysius, the black cat familiar, always backs a winner. So why is he backing Sammy?


I looked forward to reading this story since I finished Spell Cat when it re-released last year, however this on didn’t seem to have the same pull as the first book.  Sammy really does feel sorry for himself but makes a point of not showing others how he is feeling even when things are really bad.  He even continues to “date” someone that doesn’t feel right because he is so desperate for a relationship.


Ryder looks out for Sammy even as he continues to deny is attraction to him.  He knows that Lucien is bad news but can’t really explain why.  Though in the end it helps him to finally open up about who he is to Sammy.


A good majority of this story is told from Sammy’s point of view and you can’t help but feel his pain as he tries to live with his unrequited love and secrets he is forced to keep.  Even when things seem like they can’t get any better he continues to do what is right to help his people.  Ryder also suffers silently unable to reveal his real self to his friends, but jumps in when he can help Sammy and can no longer deny his feelings.  There were quite a few “duh” moments throughout this story between the main characters and also supporting characters that just didn’t fit and repeating of information at times.  This story didn’t have the same flow as the first book which makes me a bit hesitant to read the next book but I probably will just so I can see how everything plays out in the end.


Cover art by Reese Dante is wonderful and I love the visual of Sammy.


Sales Links: Dreamspinner Press | Amazon | B&N


Book Details:

ebook, 200 pages

Published: 2nd Edition, April 14, 2017 by Dreamspinner Press

ISBN-13: 9781635333329

Edition Language: English

Series: The Aloysius Tale #2

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