A VVivacious Review: Reckless Seduction (Reckless #1) & Reckless Behavior by Amanda Young

Rating: 2.5 Stars out of 5
Armed with an invite to the hottest party of the year and one hell of a sexy Zorro costume Cody is out to get his cherry popped. What he doesn’t expect is that Dante Santiago of all people would show an interest in him.
Cody has a massive crush on Dante, his uncle’s friend, one which he is never been able to get over. Now that Dante is showing an interest in him, Cody can’t help but want more, more than just one night and more than a casual meaningless encounter and more than that, this time Cody is going to make sure Dante knows it.
The first thing I want to get out of the way is that this is the second edition of Reckless Seduction and this book also included the bonus follow-up novella to Reckless Seduction that is Reckless Behaviour. So the following review is effectively a review for both Reckless Seduction and Reckless Behaviour.
This book made for an okay read for me, primarily because this book is spattered very judiciously with sex scenes and I just wasn’t able to get into those scenes. There were very few scenes that started out hot but most of them lost their flare in the long drawn out description that followed. All the sex scenes in this book are very long and very detailed and in the second part of this book “Reckless Behaviour” they don’t even add much to the story. This is also the reason I found the first novella a bit better than its follow up because the first book has two sex scenes, though I am sure they take up half the length of the novella, but at least they added something to the story. The second part is just three consecutive sex scenes till we finally get to the meat of the issue.
I really liked Dante’s character, I loved his integrity. I really liked how at the end of the first novella he tells Beau everything exactly as it is. I for one could really appreciate the courage it took to do what he did. Even in the second novella I couldn’t find fault with Dante’s character I really felt that his actions and feelings were all very human. Dante’s character is an amazing one and to some extent I think the story isn’t able to do him justice.
Cody was an okay character. I didn’t think one way or the other about him until that very stupid thing he does in the second novella. He jumps to a conclusion on the drop of an hat, in an instant he is ready to believe everything everybody else says about Dante and what was actually worse was the fact that he didn’t even have the decency to give Dante a chance to explain. This fact really irked me about Cody’s character.
I liked the story as it was though if some of the sex scenes could be deleted it would be a bonus or at least trimmed, as it stands now even if the scene is interesting in the beginning by the time it ends you’re just exhausted with having read every minute detail till the activity is only pleasurable for the characters and excruciatingly boring for you, especially in the second novella.
The second novella has a blurb that tells you everything you need to know about Cody in the first half of the book and then the moment you read the first page of the novella you know everything there is to know about Dante in the first half and then it is just a sequence of one mind numbing sex scene after the other till finally at about the halfway point the story finally progresses to a point beyond that mentioned in the blurb.
Overall it was an okay read but this book does have a big plus point in Dante.
Cover Art by Kaylea Ehm. I liked the cover for the book.
Sales Link:  Amazon
Book Details:
Kindle Edition, 132 pages
Published May 3rd 2017 (first published October 28th 2008)
Original TitleReckless Seduction
SeriesReckless #1
CharactersCody Bradbury, Dante Santiago settingVirginia (United States)

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