An Alisa Review: Smitten by R.W. Clinger


Rating:  2 stars out of 5


Feeling somewhat blue about his singlehood and dull life as a finance advisor, Jesse Fitzpatrick is about to find his world turned upside down.


Jesse’s best friend, Carr de Vantino, is coming home from the jungles of Ecuador. He’ll only be home for four days, and it’s a very rare occasion, since Carr has been traveling the world for the last twenty years for Armistice Coalition; a group similar to the Peace Corps. Excited about Carr’s visit, Jesse has to face the bittersweet reality of life — he’s always been smitten with Carr, although Carr only treats him as a friend. It’s obvious he lacks any romance or desire for Jesse.


Carr’s visit becomes interesting, though, when he slips into bed with Jesse. As secrets of Carr’s life unfold, Jesse starts to hope the traveling man has grown smitten for him. Do they have a chance at becoming a romantic couple? Or will Carr take the next flight back to the jungle?


This was a nice idea for a story but the execution didn’t work for me and I was just left scratching my head trying to understand the characters.  Jesse’s best friend is coming to visit for a few days before he is back off to the jungle, at least that is what he thinks.  For the last 20 years they have just spent a few days together here or there with Jesse traveling to Carr or Carr coming back to their hometown.


So, Jesse talks about Carr fondly, as you would think of a friend and then suddenly he decides he’s smitten but then, oh wait, he is in love.  He spends so much time trying to guess Carr’s intentions based on his actions and suddenly when Carr makes a move Jesse says that he has always known Carr’s feeling and he was just waiting for him to act.  Huh?  Jesse’s thoughts and actions never really added up to me and I had trouble with the “secrets” that Carr apparently kept from Jesse throughout their entire friendship.


The cover art by Written Ink Designs gives a nice visual of Carr, the world traveler.


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Book Details:

ebook, 49 pages

Published: April 22, 2017 by JMS Books

ISBN: 9781634863292

Edition Language: English

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