A Stella Review: Tradeoff by Susan Laine


RATING 3,5 out of 5 stars

Milo Blake and his best friend, Jasper Reed, are college freshmen. Their shared passion is cars. Milo will build them, Jasper will drive them. That’s been their post-college plan since they were kids.

Until the day Milo gives Jasper a chance to test drive a new sports car—and Jasper, in a daze, smacks a grateful kiss on Milo’s lips. That single, spontaneous act changes everything. At least it does for Milo. Now, he sees his best friend in a different light.

So, he devises a new plan. He offers Jasper a mutually beneficial tradeoff: the perfect car for Jasper, the full gay experience for Milo. Essential car parts in exchange for a wide range of sensual acts—and zero emotional complications. When Jasper surprises them both and agrees to the audacious proposition, he and Milo are in for the ride of their lives.

Tradeoff by Susan Laine was a nice reading. Following Milo and Jasper during their tradeoff, or better the discover of  their love, was really interesting. It was a good story, well written, sexy of course, cause seeing them trading car parts for a kiss or some necking was so hot.

I easily felt the connection between them, the MCs are first of all best friends, and although Milo wants more from Jasper and Jasper has no idea what he actually wants, their friendship come first, the worry of ruining it was real and clear from the well written scenes and dialogues.

Tradeoff is a fast paced read, but nothing was rushed, on the contrary I enjoyed every little moment Milo and Jasper shared. I knew there were a lot of years behind the present and in my opinion the author did a great work at showing me the deep feelings these guys had for each other.

It was time I finally read Susan Laine again and I’m happy I picked Tradeoff.

I don’t like the cover art by Harris Channing, I’m not sure why, but I wouldn’t have picked this new release just for the cover. I picked it because I know the author can write.

Sales Links:  Bookstrand


ebook, 115 pages
Published May 18th 2017 by Siren Publishing
Edition LanguageEnglish

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