An Alisa Review: Human Instincts (Roguefalls #1) by April Kelley


Rating:  4 stars out of 5


A human soldier and an omega wolf shifter find out they’re mates in a world where segregation between humans and paranormals is standard operating procedure.


Dylan Kole knows how to do one thing, and that’s to be a soldier in the human army. He doesn’t know how to fit in with a bunch of paranormal beings, and he certainly doesn’t know how to be a mate to Rudy Malone, the only omega wolf shifter on Roguefalls Island. One thing Dylan does have going for him is his ability to follow his instincts.


This was an interesting and entertaining story.  Dylan and his buddy, Christian, are selected to become a part of the paranormal army.  Both know some things but are a bit unprepared for everything that comes up, especially the whole mate thing.  Rudy is so happy to find his mate while Dylan is confused by his reaction to the man and tries to take a step back.  But he can’t resist for long.


The world is a bit different with humans living in family groups or as singles (which are usually criminals) and paranormals living in clans so they don’t feel as if they get many choices on what they want to do with their life; Dylan was kicked out of his family group and joined the human army to avoid becoming a single.  He is so puzzled by his instincts to protect and love on Rudy; he has always believed that he will be alone since he was kicked out.  Rudy came to Roguefalls to provide a calming presence but to also get some distance from his over protective brother and he will not let his mate do the same thing to him.


We get to see both of these characters working through their thoughts and coming to terms with how they feel for each other.  These two know how they feel but are a bit lost on what to do and do end up taking time to get to know each other a bit before a claiming.  I can’t wait to see what happens between Christian and Ward in the next story.


The cover art by Erin Dameron-Hill is nice and a typical romance cover with the view of a man’s midsection.


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Book Details:

ebook, 98 pages

Published: May 5, 2017 by Extasy Books

ISBN: 9781487412395

Edition Language: English

Series: Roguefalls #1

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