A Kai Review: Conning Colin: A Gay Romantic Comedy by Elsa Winters & Brad Vance


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Hamilton Dillon is a high-class Manhattan escort, polished, well dressed, and cultured. Colin O’Neill is recently divorced, questioning his sexuality, and disappointed by his first fumbling gay hookups. So he figures, why not hire the best of the best to show him the ropes?

What he doesn’t know is that Hamilton Dillon is really Henry Davis, yet another New Yorker living on the financial edge, cobbling together several jobs to make a living. “Hamilton” has one great suit he can wear on an overnight date, but Henry’s got a good friend at GQ who makes a nice side income renting designer men’s wear for weddings, job interviews, and oh yeah, high-end escorts on long weekend assignments. The “top agency” that represents “Hamilton” is really just a smartass lady in India with a Skype account, whose face Henry’s never seen. Oh, and Henry’s also the gruff and very unpolished New York Straight Man “Dillinger,” a solo porn star.

In other words, he’s not at all who Colin thinks he is. Which is just fine, until their relationship gets… complicated.

What an interesting story!

Well, guys, I really liked this one. It was funny, steamy, HOT… Just what I needed.

I really liked the premise of the story and how it was written. The writing was fluid and easy and I really connected with the story while reading it.

The characters were intriguing. I loved Colin. He was an actor with audition-phobia who worked as a voice actor while trying to work up the nerve to an audition. His best friend was his ex-wife. I mean they have married just as an agreement nothing else, so it was easy to see them as confidant of each other. I liked their interaction.

Colin was funny, witty and was so sexuality frustrated (poor guy). He was just coming to terms that he was gay and then when he tried to go there and hook up it didn’t go well. So he decided to hire an escort to help and teach him the stream of the gay sex life. That was really Hot guys!

Henry was a little more complex. I liked him too, although his personas were a little confusing sometimes. Henry’s characters were everything Henry wasn’t: confident, charming, rich, super hot and elegant. Henry’s personas were just dreamy.

Henry felt so insecure and self-conscious when he wasn’t acting as a character that he didn’t realize that the personas he created were just part of him. But then we had Colin there to help him to learn exactly that and give him the inspiration to go after his own dreams.

I liked Henry and Colin together and although there were a lot of secrets between them at first, they helped each other and evolved. I was so cheering for them.

Another character I loved was Christina, Henry’s niece. She was so smart and strong and I really liked her interaction with Henry. Christina had a secret, I’m not telling you (sorry), and this secret is the reason Henry needed so much to be an escort. That was an interesting part of the story and I really wanted to know more about Christina.

I’m glad I read it. And if you are looking for an easy, steamy, sexy and interesting story you may like this one.

The cover is really beautiful. I really like it.

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Book Details:

Published June 1st, 2017 by Zirconia Publishing, Inc

Ebook: 60,000 words

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