A Kai Review: Boys Don’t Cry by J.K. Hogan



Rating: 4.75 stars out of 5

Mackenzie Pratt is having the worst luck of his life. His apartment building is being torn down, and since he’s jobless and just weeks away from graduating college, he can’t find anywhere else he can afford to live that isn’t a critter-infested dump. As he’s lamenting the very real possibility of job hunting while couch-surfing, he gets an offer from the coworker of his best friend. An in-demand mobile app developer and heir to his parents’ fortune, Laurent Beaudry is literally an eccentric billionaire. Even though Mackenzie realizes he’s basically living the plot of a cheesy romance novel, he takes the proffered room in Laurent’s Baltimore mansion. He finds his new housemate to be grumpy, brooding, and, at times, incredibly kind and endearing. Raised by his brother after their father’s death, Mackenzie spent his formative years plowing headlong through school, focusing on little else beyond earning his teaching certification. He’s never taken the time to explore love and relationships, much less sexuality, so when he finds himself being courted by another man, he has no idea what to do. And when he realizes he might actually return those feelings, his life takes a whole new direction.

Wow… Reading this was just a pleasure to me!

I loved almost everything about this book: The writing, the characters, the plot, the low angst, the HOT parts… It was just so good!

I loved Laurie so much! He was really weird and grumpy sometimes and to everybody who didn’t actually know him, he was just a cold bastard. But how a cold person can be the one who offers to a practically stranger (Mackenzie) a place to live,  just because the guy would be ejected from his place? Can you relate it to a cold person? No, he wasn’t cold. And soon enough Mackenzie learned that.

Laurie was an orphan who didn’t have a normal childhood and was left by everybody that he loved. So he had put a cold mask on to the world. But thankfully he couldn’t keep his disguise with Mackenzie for so long.

And we had Mackenzie.

Ah, Mackenzie, I wanted to strangle you sometimes, so you would admit for yourself what I already knew about you. Urgh! But I love you too.

Mackenzie was a guy who had lived so focused on making everybody happy his entire life, that he had never taken the time to be in a relationship. At the age of 23 years old, he had never explored his sexuality. So when he realized he was attracted to Laurie he struggled a little. He didn’t want to admit it even to himself. Good thing that Laurent was persistent and didn’t let Mack freak out.

Mackenzie doubts and fears felt real and even with a lot of concerns and denial he didn’t break apart from Laurent and I really loved him for that. He just took more time to notice that his feelings for Laurie were unquestionable and real.

Laurent and Mackenzie together were so amazing. They were hot, yeah yeah! They were also sweet and felt like a real couple. I can say I absolutely connected with them.

I also loved the other characters; Tayler in special. And even though River was a little of an ass with Laurent at first, I liked him too. So here is a think about these two characters (Tayler and River): I think there were something between them. Did you pick up the sexual tension as I did? I mean, they just snapped at each other but was clear for me that they needed a bed. Seriously, it was just me seeing it?

Anyway, this story was delightful. It was well written with Mackenzie point of view and I really loved how it worked.

The only thing I didn’t like about this book was:

I’m curious about Laurent’s uncle and I wanted to see the jerk going to hell. In the book, he appears briefly and I really wanted to know what happened to him and what he really did to Laurent in the past. Also, I wanted to see Henry (Laurent’s ex) going to hell too… Yes, I think I’m a little revengeful in the moment. Lol

Well, I was just looking for updates about this author, since this is my first book by her. And just found out that will be published another as a book sequel to this one. Yay! *Happy dance* So, yeah, I’m happy.

If you didn’t read this book yet, go get it now and read. I recommend!

The cover art by KHD Graphics is nice and sexy.

Sales Links:  Amazon

Book Details:

Ebook: 234 pages

Published May 25th, 2017 by Euphoria Press

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