A VVivacious Review: Reckless Passion (Reckless #3) by Amanda Young

Rating: 2.5 Stars out of 5
Beau Bradbury is having an office fling with his personal assistant, Adam Winger and he is convinced it is just a fling with no-strings-attached sex, but when one phone call to Adam has Beau getting jealous of the person on the other end, he knows for sure that nothing is quite as casual as he thought before.
When the person on the other end turns out to be Adam’s son, Beau gets himself more invested in the Winger family than ever before. Beau wants to take the leap into an actual relationship but before that he has to convince Adam that their relationship is worth the risk.
This book didn’t get a rise out of me one way or the other. I agreed to read this book after I read an excerpt for this book which was so hot it was practically sizzling but as it turns out, that description is only true for the prologue after which the book runs out of fizz fast.
I think the first book was much better in comparison to this at least it had some redeeming qualities to it.
The thing I least liked about this book was the fact that most of this book seems to take place in Adam’s head, a majority of this book comprises of Adam’s thoughts, his insecurities and his pessimism and that really puts a damper on things. On top of that hardly anything actually happens in this book, most of this book is internal dialogue and it is the characters’ feelings, more than any actual plot that is the driving force behind this book. While that might work with some characters these two characters were just not interesting enough to hold up this book. There is Beau but you learn woefully little about him during the course of this book, in fact I think the first book did much more for his character than this one does.
One of Adam’s defining traits in the book is his pessimism and his paranoia. These were two qualities that manifest themselves later in the book in fact the pessimism is one quality that seems to conjure itself up from nowhere because the Adam at the beginning of the book is insecure but at no point did I think that he was pessimistic.
All in all this book is only good as far as the prologue after which it is at the most an okay read, you will get through it easily but it doesn’t challenge you in any way.
Cover Art by Kaylea Ehm. I liked the cover.
Sales Links:  Amazon
Book Details:
Kindle Edition, 143 pages
Published May 31st 2017 (first published November 3rd 2009)
SeriesReckless #3
CharactersBeau Bradbury, Adam Winger

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