Storm Related Computer Issues


Sooooo….. a storm blew in and blew out my practically new Apple CPU!  Of course I was too tired and freaked to notice that was the Problem!  I was checking everything else but the silent box ! Sigh.

When I faced up to the real issue at hand and called Apple…. it was halfway through the morning. You know what’s coming if you’ve dealt with similar computer issues. No replacement or repairs until tomorrow.

So my deepest apologies to all the tours, authors, presses who’s posts were missing today. They are coming but most likely a day late.

My backup hamster is refusing to work in solidarity.  So fingers crossed… ScatteredThoughtsandRogueWords will be back up and running after a brief trip to the Apple doctors tomorrow.

Computers are a wonderful thing until they aren’t . 

One thought on “Storm Related Computer Issues

  1. Sorry to hear about your computer troubles. Hopefully it can be fixed and it won’t cost you an arm and leg.


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