A VVivacious Review: High and Dry (Mate of the Tyger Prince #5) by Shannon West


Rating: 4 Stars out of 5

Renard and Tallon are still at odds following the “incident” but when Tallon suggests a way for Renard to make it up to him, Renard is nervous but eager to regain their former camaraderie. But when all goes horribly wrong, will Renard and Tallon make it?

For the first time in a very long time, Davos isn’t speaking to Blake because that is exactly how pissed Davos is this time around. In all their time together Blake has never backed down and been the one to apologise. It has always been Davos. So it stands to be seen if Blake will salvage their relationship or stand by his pride?

Mikos is set on getting Ryan settled down with another baby, but he has no idea of what is cooking up in Ryan’s head…

This is the fifth book in the series and it is most definitely not a standalone. I don’t think any of the books in this series could be considered standalones but in most of the books prior to this one, the story wasn’t so reliant on already established characters and storylines. This book follows six characters – Mikos and Ryan (who were the couple featured in books 1 and 2), Renard (introduced in book 3 and featured again in book 4), Tallon (introduced in book 4), Blake (who has been a very important character in all the books of this series) and Davos. The only character who I felt I wasn’t intimately familiar with was Davos. Up until now, Davos has been the comic relief the guy who gets the brunt of Blake’s anger, so it was amazing to finally get to know him.

Mikos and Ryan are the much needed comic relief in this book though they are not written as such, they have a sweet short quickly resolved story line that helps put into perspective Blake’s rebelliousness. So even though they are not the main characters of this book their input and their storyline was greatly appreciated by me. I also loved how Ryan handled the issue of pregnancy in this book, with such humour and humility.

Tallon and Renard are one of the main couples in this story. Personally, I felt that their relationship had already developed a lot when the incident happened in which Renard left Tallon high and dry and accused him of rape, to create a diversion, to help Vannos escape and this book didn’t have much content to explore as far as their relationship was concerned. In fact, the conflict that arises in this book between thesetwo had me very annoyed at Tallon, but I was pleased with where these two ended up.

Blake and Davis stole the show. There is so much we still don’t know about Blake and Davos’ relationship, this fact is compounded by the fact that we don’t know much about Davos as a character. Thankfully this book goes a long way in filling up that hole.

I have talked in previous reviews of this series about how much I love Blake’s interactions with his children and while this book offered more of those fantastic gleams into Blake, the kick-ass omak what I loved the most was the insights we got into Davos the father. Davos is such an amazing father. His children’s reaction to seeing him went such a long way in cementing his character. I loved how for him his entire family was so important and how much he was willing to sacrifice for their happiness.

Davos and Blake are at odds but even though Blake doubts Davos’ love for him, even Blake realises that Davos still loves him. However, his uncertainty has him reminiscing about their past. One thing I especially loved was the fact that Blake willingly altered the story of how they met to protect Mikos which was just something so inherently Blake that it had a feeling of warmth rushing through me. The second one was the change in Davos during his initial days with Blake and how he goes from wanting to subdue him to just loving him unabashedly. I also loved Davos’ observation about how each of their kids was Blake’s idea no matter how convinced he was of the contrary. This was another statement that just established all that vague ideas I had of Blake and Davos’ together. I really loved Davos and Blake and getting to know these two characters as they were with each other was an unexpected delight.

Okay, so this is paragraph is going to be about me speculating about the future of this series because I have some mad theories. So this series is mostly following Davos and Blake’s children more or less in chronological order. I say more or less because Anarr and Vannos are twins and I have no idea who is the older one. So next up should be Derrick’s (whose name is spelt as Darrek in the first book and Derrick in the third one) story. Now you are probably wondering who Derrick is, Derrick is Blake and Davos’ fourth child who has been missing from most of the series because he is undergoing military training. Now knowing Blake and since this issue was addressed in Book 3, we know that Blake isn’t happy about being away from Derrick for so long. But still, the fact remains that he has been mentioned in two books out of five and all this mystery around his character has my mind going into overload because I feel that the reason we haven’t come to know Derrick is that there is a huge secret surrounding him. The wildest theory I have is the possibility that Derrick might be a girl considering Blake’s opinion on gender segregation in Tygeria this theory of mine has me going crazy because just the possibility of Blake giving birth to a girl and then having to give her up seems nigh impossible which begs the question about what would happen if Blake was indeed in such a dilemma. Yeah,crazy ass storyline but I definitely want more on Derrick, this mystery fourth son of his. Also, I feel like we will be getting to know more about Marcus Sept which I am not enthusiastic about because I want the focus of this series to remain on the Tygerian royal family and not shift to follow Marcus’ adventures in space especially if it means time off from Blake and his brood.

This book resolves the security threat that the royal family has been facing in the previous books while stilling leaving the issue of ARes open, to offer more storylines. So in a way, the next book will have lots of new things coming up in it and I can’t wait. As you can see I haven’t taken into account the fact there might not be a sixth book but I am extremely, extremely hopeful.

A shout out to Nicarr who is like the cutest six-foot nine-year-old ever especially when he is jumping on his omak and is supremely confident that his omak will wake up for him, no matter what other people say. Blake with Nicarr and Larz is like cotton candy. I especially love the imagery of Nicarr on Blake’s lap I mean I knew Nicarr was tall but the fact that he was 6 feet to Blake’s 5 feet 9 inches puts a whole new spin on Blake’s baby. Also, this series better not end without Nicarr getting his happily ever after though the series will have to flash forward a few years for that and that particular prospect has me even more excited about Nicarr’s eventual story.

I can’t wait for the next one.

Cover Art by E Connors. I am just going to come out and say it the cover is weird. But keeping in mind the fact that Tygerians and Moravians look so different from humans must make it hard to figure out the covers for this series.

Sales Links:  Amazon

Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 248 pages
Published July 4th 2017 by Painted Hearts Publishing
SeriesMate of the Tyger Prince #5


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