An Alisa Review: One Heart, One Destiny by Pelaam


Rating:  4 stars out of 5


Dillon is an omega, which makes him the general whipping boy for the pack, as well as under Brendan, his Alpha brother’s dominion.


The last thing he expects is to visit a fae club, but even less expected is to find himself drawn to Drake; a sassy sprite.


Letting Drake think he’s a pack alpha, Dillon enjoys the sprite’s company, and soon realizes he’s falling for Drake. But as omega, Dillon can’t take a mate without his Alpha’s permission.


Knowing Brendan wouldn’t approve, Dillon keeps their relationship secret, only to find Brendan has already discovered the truth. And is far from pleased.


A prisoner in his brother’s home, Dillon knows he won’t see Drake again.


But Drake has other ideas.


This is such a wonderful story.  Dillon has finally found someone who loves him but he is afraid that if he tells Drake the whole truth that he won’t want him.  What he doesn’t realize is their connection runs much deeper and Drake already knows the truth and is much more than a simple sprite.


This story is told from Dillon’s point of view and I couldn’t help but feel his heartbreak over how he is treated in his pack but also when he is forced away from Drake.  I loved how from the very beginning Drake would do anything to make Dillon feel good and cherished while also going slowly at building their relationship.  Dillon is rewarded with a man who is willing to stand up for him to his alpha so he can live a happy life.  Seeing these two together was very heartwarming and I loved their connections to each other.


The cover art by Melody Pond is very nice and work great for this story.


Sales Links: MLR Press | Amazon | B&N


Book Details:

ebook, 78 pages

Published: July 6, 2017 by MLR Press

Edition Language: English

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